The Esoteric Kabbalist roots of Watchtower Theology

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Alright I'll bite this time again. You've had your fun I guess Informant but you've proven nothing about your speculations.

    The link with info on the Hebrew name of God shows nothing to support a link between the WT and whatever nefarious, powerful goup you're trying to evoke.

    Again Charles Taze Russell got most of his wacky ideas from contemporaries, mostly from an adventist leaning...not some group of elite Jews....While he did believe in Jews coming back in God's favour its easily understandable from what you find in Romans (I believe) and Charle's idea of a great God of salvation.

    You don't have to be Jewish to disbelieve the divinity of Jesus....

    Can you show us specifically with proof which funds, how much, by whom, and when they were given to Russell by whoever you've mentioned? THEN also show how they plausibly can be viewed as support or incentive to make Charley their lackey?

    The others on the board are brighter than me....I should just ignore this thread.

  • Snowcrash

    Informant, the one site you show as a source is a geocities site? That's like listing the Weekly World News as a source. There's a lot of crap on geocities. Spinning animated gifs, graphics done in MSPaint, no list of credentials by the author? Looks like another to me. Does the author even have any credentials? Wait, you didn't make that webpage, did you? What are your credentials?

  • sf

    Ah, "JahChristian", how the heck have you been?


  • Informant

    Oh I see, just cause its geocities, that automatically makes it wow, I guess anything that comes from the internet is an illusion, just like this message board. sleeeeeeeeepp,,, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! there is no conspiracy, now put your head back in the sand.......

  • Satanus

    Crack a few books, guy. Check your sources and all that.


  • Snowcrash

    Well, yeah. Geocities will let any crazy have a website, be it something related to the Freemasons or some fourteen year old girl's Orlando Bloom fansite. If this guy really knew his stuff, I doubt it would be on a geocities page. It would be more likely to be on some university's page, that would state his name, how he knew so much about the Freemasons, and why he was interested in it (maybe he is a theology teacher or something). This way we could do a little research on him to see if he's full of crap or not.

  • Informant

    Well duhhh, instead of sitting there pondering the validity of the site, why dont you get off your behind and research what is being said to see if its true. Einsteinien!

  • Scully

    How's Troy these days, Shunned Father Informant?

  • Kenneson


    Before you get completely suckered into that Freemason/Illuminati, Russell Conspiracy, please take the time out to read THOROUGHLY the article that appeared on this forum at

    Then come back and tell us if you still feel the same.

  • Snowcrash

    One leads to the other, don't you think? We've been burned enough by not checking validity of sources that we've swallowed an entire religion of bullshit. Look what happened because of that.

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