Gifts- bribery or an act of love

by Kismet 10 Replies latest social relationships

  • Tigger

    After reading all of the above I feel I must have the weirdest relationship of all. If either of us has a problem, we simply say 'Hey ....that really pisses me off when.....'and we talk about it and LISTEN to each others point of view, without sulking or going of in a huff. In the 12 years we have know each other I can HONESTLY say we have never raised our voices at each other...maybe at the kids ( joke), but we state our case and get everything out in the open. Neither of us has ever bought a gift for the other to suck up after a disagreement. Gifts after a fight sounds and looks like a big suck job to me, and anyone who lets themselves be bought off with a bunch of flowers deserves everything they get.
    Harsh but true Im afraid.

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