Pastor Russell was not the first president of the Watchtower Society

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    I fail to see a comparison between Conley and Himes. Joshual V. Himes was the founder and pastor of the First Christian Church in Boston, Mass. In 1839 he converted to the Millerites. As a member of the movement, he promoted, supported, published and printed for Miller.

    However, numerous years after the Great Disappointment, he left the Adventists and converted to the Episcopalians (not Methodists) and was ordained in 1880.

    Now, it seems to me, the picture you present of Conley is one of a promoter and friend of Russell, who was an Advent Christian and remained so (even while he was president of Zion's Watch Tower Society) even until his death. Sounds like he never became a Bible Student. Is that correct?

    Doesn't your description of Himes more aptly correspond to Pastor Russell, a Presbyterian who converted to Congregationalism only to become a skeptic who next becomes a friend, supporter, publisher, printer for the Advent Christians or Second Adventists as Russell calls them (while claiming never to be an Adventist) and supposedly at the same time is establishing the Bible Students?

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