Ozzie's Weekend Poll #111 How big was your bag?

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    How's the weekend going for you? Mrs Ozzie and I have been enjoying doing...........nothing much this afternoon and evening. We just needed to recharge our batteries so to speak. You get those days, don't you? Spring has sprung here and the blossom is out on trees. Once more the awakening of the season takes our mind off troubles which are transitory.

    So what shall we reminisce about today? Well, this is a sober time as this weekend we remember past world events so how's about we lighten the load? Nothing too heavy in this weekend's poll which asks us the question:

    How big was your meeting bag?

    1. Big enough for a pocket bible

    2. As big as a bible.

    3. as big as a bible and songbook.

    4. As big as a Watchtower, Bible and songbook.

    5. As big as the si book, songbook, and Bible.

    6. Big enough for the Proclaimers book, songbook, Bible, and si book.

    7. An elder's bag

    8. No bag at all!

    9. Other (please give full detail)

    Come on, what happened to your bag? Is it still in the closet? Do tell.

    Enjoy - keep those reminiscences coming!

    Cheers, Ozzie

    Blessed are the bewildered - for they won't notice!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    no bag

    but the husband (at the time) had the elder's bag with 4 bibles 4 songbooks and whatever else was needed for the meeting (he was an elder)

  • senselessly sane
    senselessly sane

    4. As big as a Watchtower, Bible and songbook.

    My bag was always a mess and would accumulate gum wrappers and tissues; and I always folded the Watchtowers in half lengthwise to make them fit , so they were constantly dog-eared. It was a dark blue tote bag and I don't know where it is, maybe my parents have it stored somewhere at their place. It probably still has literature in it.

  • gumby
    6. Big enough for the Proclaimers book, songbook, Bible, and si book.

    Being an elder I had the big daddy bookbag. ......combo locks and all. I still have it but now I use it for my music stuff.


  • Satanus

    Well, during the 5 yr period that i abstained so that i could qualify to be a ministerial servant, it got pretty big.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    When i was a servant i had two bags..the usual huge great thing stuffed with ,er,Books and Mints and we were given a small one to hold "Files"..nothing important you understand,i was only an ms,but stuff like rotas,talk duties etc etc....plenty of Paperwork.

    the Day i left i discovered my own new Filing system for all that stuff and the stuff in my big Bag...it was in the front garden and was emptied on a wednesday!

  • Mulan

    I got rid of all of them a few years back, in a major closet clean out.

    The one I used the most was very handy, and kind of big. I liked to have everything I might need with me. (always carried 3 Bibles, a very small KJV, and NIV and the NWT) It was too heavy and I had shoulder and elbow problems, even needing to go to the doctor, who said I had "tennis elbow"....................actually it was bookbag elbow.

    One of our friends visited us last week, and she said she found her smaller bookbag recently and was using it for a purse, and it made her shoulder ache so bad, she threw it away............just the psychological aspect of it was too much for her. She had no books in it, but it played a mind game with her.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    there is this p.o. in my area that carries a bag the size of a suitcase. you would think he was going on vacation for 2 weeks. btw i have blew him out a few times. on different wt teachings when he dug past his wrinlked shirts in his trunk , and came out with the nwt. i hade him stumbling over the verses he tried. in the end his head was in his suitcase, he must have been sniffing his dirty underwear looking for inspriration... john

  • CountryGuy
    5. As big as the si book, songbook, and Bible.

    I didn't really need one that big. But my best friend's parents bought it for me as a graduation gift.

    I still have it. It's in a box in storage. And yes, it's filled with WT stuff. I have my grandmother's copy of the NWT and her songbook, which I am keeping only because they were hers.


  • seattleniceguy

    6. Big enough for the Proclaimers book, songbook, Bible, and si book.

    It was a really great bag, actually. Bought it at the nearby leather store. It seemed made specifically for Witnesses. There were even thin little compartments with stiff dividers that worked perfectly for mags/brochures. Seriously, I don't think I could have designed a better Witness bag.

    I haven't gotten rid of the bag. It's just too great a bag. Still haven't found a better use for it, tho.


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