Pastor Russell ..... murdered?

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  • MerryMagdalene

    also from "Facts for Shareholders":

    IF THE Shareholders desire to defeat the present President and Treasurer and any of the pseudo Board of Directors in disapproval of the present temporary management, they should remember that scattered votes will never accomplish the purpose. As many will always vote for those in power, we therefore suggest that the Lord may have indicated to us at the time of our Pastor?s death by the association and presence with him of Brother Menta Sturgeon, that he would make a satisfactory President. We suggest, therefore, that Brother Sturgeon be voted into the office of Director, and then voted for by those wishing to select a new President.

    Those who think that Directors should be commended who have the courage to do right at all hazards at the cost of position and livelihood, should vote to sustain the deposed Directors. We suggest this as an encouragement to them, and that future Boards may pursue a righteous course always.

    The following are the names to be voted for Directors and officers: 1. MENTA STURGEON, Director and President 2. ALFRED I. RITCHIE, Director and Vice-President 3. M. CLAY ROCKWELL, Director and Secretary-Treasurer 4. J. DENNIS WRIGHT, Director 5. ISAAC F. HOSKINS, Director 6. ROBERT H. HIRSH, Director 7. ANDREW N. PIERSON, Director


    You can also read about Russell's last days as related by his personal secretary and traveling companion, the above-mentioned Menta Sturgeon, at:

    including the one (and only?) prophesy to actually come true:

    Brother Sturgeon, seeing the end approaching, prepared a telegram to the Bible House as follows: "Before the close of October our dear Brother Russell will be with the Lord in glory;" but before he sent it added the words- "we are alone and Brother Russell is dying like a hero."

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    Jehovah's Witnesses and Nazism
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    who ... a major doctrinal change because Rutherford’s predecessor ... - 85k - Cached - Similar pages

    Above Top Secret - Secret Societies - The following is from a " ...
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    of his class at Yale in ... with the largely German Jewish bankers known among ... - 90k - Cached - Similar pages



    ... David Davidson 9 , and James and Adam Rutherford 10 , Those ... 1920 when he died.17
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    ... Joseph Franklin Rutherford (1869-1941) succeeded Russell as leader ... Abbasid Caliphate
    (750-1258) of BAGHDAD Jewish merchants and bankers prospered in ... - 52k - Cached - Similar pages

    More hits here:

  • sf

    Francis J. Ripley
    ... a director in the old Union Bank?" Russell sued the ... the writings of Russell and
    Rutherford about Armageddon ... schedules, according to the Jewish calendar, only ... - 37k - Cached - Similar pages

  • Gamaliel

    I think there's more information available about his problems with his wife. People have dug up quite a bit over the years. If we had that portion of the letter, it might be easier to see if the writer had inside knowledge or not. What exactly do you mean that it is "shredded"?

    On the issue of poison. I would agree that he was poisoned. Accidental, self-inflicted, foul play? I couldn't guess. But his request to die in a Roman toga always reminded me of Socrates. (There's no such thing as a Greek toga, is there?)

    So I guess we can keep playing Sherlock Hemlock. (The Muppets detective.)

  • Leolaia

    RR....I don't see the one-page document in your first post. Did it get deleted? What does it say?

  • RR

    It's right there in my first post, I can see it.

  • hillary_step


    In the words of a wise man :

    Why does everyopne scream CONSPIRACY when they learn something they never did before.
  • toreador

    Hillary LOL

  • Farkel


    You simply don't know the facts. Chuck was so PURE and so CHASTE he never received any sexual relief: this would be bad for his SALVATION. He denied Maria and he denied himself, somehow thinking he was being "good" by this denial.

    As a consequence of his idiocy, his balls blew up on the train and they put a Toga over him to cover the fact that his balls had, in fact, blown up. Said Toga was covered with the spattered remains of his balls. (The ones that blew up.)

    It was a very messy situation with blown up balls every where and such.....someone must have had to clean up the mess.......


  • MerryMagdalene

    I don't know about that, Farkel... A highly unreliable source quotes Russell's wife as saying that he told her this:

    "I am like a jellyfish. I float around here and there. I touch this one and that one, and if she responds I take her to me, and if not, I float on to others"...

    But I must say no more. The very thought gets me hot... j e l l y f i s h...

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