Start of the '7 times' period in Daniel

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  • cain

    listen why dont you forget all this jw/religion nonsense - read this and then get on with life in the real world:

    at the end of the day all all religions are, are variations on ancient sun worship theme/s.

    essentially jesus is a sunbeam - you may laugh but its true.

    lol cain.

    BTW - the only people who'd admire Alan (wit with a capital) F are the ignorant, naive and gullible.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Could I suggest the book 'Daniel' by John J Collins ISBN 0-8006-6040-4 which can be purchased from

    It shows what Daniel was really all about, and why it was written.

    Noumenon - Luke 21 is talking about the future destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD by the Romans (Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles...v.24) so it would be more logical to start the Gentile times in 70 AD. The writer of Luke also expected these 'gentile times' to be over in his generation (v.32).

    I'm not sure how 'gentile times' can be said to be continuous anyway from some point in the 6th century BC, when in certain periods after that the Jews managed to regain control of Jerusalem, i.e. during and after the Maccabean revolt.


  • Farkel

    Russell had no clue when the Genital Times started since he never took the opportunity to use even his own. If she was alive, his wife would verify this.


  • mysterio91

    A little off the subject, but how come the seven times in interpreted as 2520 years?? I thought that at the end of every 6th year, under the 360 day calendar, there was a leap month of 30 days. If there were seven times, equal to days of years, why isn't the number 2550 (to include a 30 day leap month)??

  • czarofmischief

    Hey scholar. Still farting around, huh?

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