The Falling Man 9/11

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  • MegaDude

    The Falling Man

    By Tom JunodSeptember 2003, Volume 140, Issue 3hotograph by Richard Drew

    Read the story here below:

  • Satanus
    he embraced it

    Got to hand it to him.


  • Soledad

    what an amazing essay.

    that picture is the very essence of what happened that day.

  • sf

    Truly, an amazing essay.


  • RR
    "Some people who look at the picture see stoicism, willpower, a portrait of resignation; others see something else?something discordant and therefore terrible: freedom.

    Nope, I see a man falling to his death! Poor guy is going to go down in history as "the falling man."


  • czarofmischief

    First, the picture seems to be analogous to the "hanging man" tarot card and I can't believe, given the significance of that card, that the writer would pass up such an obvious and perfect motif for his piece. I mean, the guy even has one leg angled out and he is pefectly upside down. It makes me think the picture might be faked. It's too perfect. Take a look at this card:

    Then look at the picture again. How could they miss such an obvious connection? Pithy writers need schoolin...


  • teejay

    I posted that article and picture on another board some time ago. Interesting that I'd see it again today. Just last night I had a very brief mini-nightmare as I was falling asleep. Why I had it last night I don't know.

    I was standing on the edge of a very tall building ? maybe 80 or 90 stories. I was looking at the ground, mesmerized by how little everything on the ground was.

    And I thought about the Falling Man and all the others that jumped that day. What a miserable way to go.

    FWIW, Czar, there are a series of pictures capturing him as he fell. One of the photos the photographer happened to catch was the one you post. It is not faked.

  • Satanus


    What does that tarot card mean? Don't keep us hanging like this


  • czarofmischief

    Oh, sorry.

    That tarot card is meant to invoke contemplation of a situation in which helplessness is the overriding factor. There are times when circumstances are simply too great for the human mind to combat or deal with - beyond our power to assist ourselves.

    Like a man, hanging by one leg, spinning in the breeze. Or another man, in a collapsing building, leaping forward into the inevitable.

    Sometimes all we can do is try to face the situation as bravely as possible. Accept what happens with grace and dignity, despite the ridiculous nature of our helplessness.

    Teejay - thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate it. I have not bee nable to really look at 9/11 footage, photos, or accounts. It hurts too much and makes me feel too sick. So I haven't seen this picture before, save perhaps during the actual event or right after.


  • Satanus

    Thanks. It's nice to feel grounded again


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