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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 9-12-04 WT Study (August 1, 2004 issue date) Abbreviated

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    "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your minister."?Matthew 20:26?NWT source

    Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.?Matthew 20:26 (NIV) /cgi-bin/bible

    Opening Comments

    When considering this article, I called to mind how the WTS prints one story and lives another. While condemning the whole world as being warped in its view of "greatness," how does the WTS hold the governing body, the anointed, the DOs, COs, Bethelites, elders, MS, and pioneers in the congregation? Are they greater than the mother with a non-JW husband who is not happy with her new religion and time away from him with the children who gets all four children fed and clothed for the meeting, makes sure they have their publications and are prepared, makes sure they sit quietly for 2 hours. The sister who cleans an older sister?s home without payment, sees that she gets to the doctor and takes her medication, and has food in the house? Who is great?

    Who is worthy of double honor?

    How many COs, DOs, elders, MS would wash your feet?

    How do they use their "authority" in the congregation? In a Christlike way?


    Paragraphs 1-2

    This monument (60-foot-tall statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III), doubtless meant to inspire awe of the ruler, is a symbol of the world?s view of greatness?that of making oneself appear as big and important as possible and making others feel insignificant.

    First, the WTS condemns the whole world as having a warped view of greatness?forgetting people like Mother Theresa, or Jimmy Carter, or unknowns who donate weekly to the food pantries.

    Is it no accident that the WTS chooses a symbol from the distant past, from another country and culture. Why not pick this?

    Mount Rushmore

    (Probably afraid of offending the US Government)

    Although he was the "Lord and Teacher" of his followers, Jesus taught them that greatness comes from serving others?Jesus demonstrated the meaning of what he taught by washing his disciples? feet.

    Shun the World?s View of Greatness

    Paragraphs 3-5

    There are numerous Bible examples showing that the world?s view of greatness leads to ruin.

    Haman?craving for glory?haughty Nebuchadnezzar?proud Herod Agrippa I.

    It is proper for us to want to use our life in a way that brings us honor and respect. Yet the Devil exploits this desire by fostering a prideful spirit.

    One idea that the Devil promotes is that a big name in the world, accolades from men?

    (Or in the WTS, a big name in the congregation, circuit, or at Bethel?having special privileges, giving talks at the assemblies/conventions, overseeing departments as well?hmmm)

    Pockets full of money?

    (Or in the WTS, wealthy is good as long as much of it ends up in the pockets of the COs, DOs, and Bethel)

    automatically result in a happy life

    (but it buys good will with the powers that be in the WTS, being generous with your material goods)

    (An experience is referred to in the 5/1/82 WT p 3-6 "In Search of Success; had to go back 22 years to find an example. A man who helped design, build, and test the spacecraft that took man to the moon. "It had been futile, or worthless, in securing for me lasting happiness and peace of mind."

    Eight years have now (1982 left in 1974 hmmm just before 1975) passed since I made the decision to leave the space program?.Unlike the glamorous position I once held, I now own a parking-lot sweeper and operate it about two days a week. This allows time for me to share regularly in public-preaching activity, and it also provides more time for me to spend with my family, whom I had neglected for many years when I worked for the space program.?Wendell Marley

    I wonder if he is still a JW? I wonder if he is still sweeping parking lots (probably the one behind Princess and Steve?s house)?

    Greatness From Service Motivated by Love

    Paragraphs 6-10

    On the way, two of Jesus? cousins, James and John, manifested the wrong view of greatness?made a bid to grab the most distinguished places. They wanted to stake their claims to these positions of authority.

    How do elders makes bids "for the most distinguished places."

    How do they curry favor with the PO and the CO so they get picked for talks at the assemblies/conventions?

    How do they see that they are they next in line for being a department head when a brother moves, dies, or gets "too old"?

    When the GB member or other brother from Bethel comes to give a special talk or a dedication talk, how do they select where he and his wife stay?

    How do the curry favor at Bethel, how do you move up the ladder?

    But among Jesus? followers, it is humble service that is the measure of greatness. Jesus said: "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your minister, and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave."?Matthew 20:26,27.

    So how has an elder ministered to you or been your slave?

    Have they been willing to pick you up for the meetings when your clunker car is in the garage for the umpteenth time? Have they volunteered to come watch your children who have had chickenpox all month so you can get out in the field service and not be irregular that month? Have they helped pay for the medicine your children needed by you could not afford because you have no health insurance? Have they come over to mow the lawn because your JW hubbie is laid up with a back injury from work?

    Ordering people to do things does not make one great; serving others when motivated by love does.

    So are the elders in your congregation known for ordering or loving?

    Never did he (Jesus) assume a superior attitude toward those whom he served or cause them to feel inferior.

    People are often impatient with those having limitations.

    Such as women, the "weaker sex":

    YOU husbands, continue dwelling in like manner with them according to knowledge, assigning them honor as to a weaker vessel, the feminine one, since YOU are also heirs with them of the undeserved favor of life, in order for YOUR prayers not to be hindered. 1 PETER 3:7

    Consider the biological constitution of the female, her limitations, her cycles, her vicissitudes, which greatly affect her mental processes, disposition and temperament.

    w84 1/15 p. 16 Christian Modesty?Proof of Wisdom ***

    Being aware of her limitations and the role assigned to her in the congregation, the Christian woman who is wise will modestly control her speech. She will keep from being overly talkative and from expressing criticism of the way the appointed elders are handling matters.?Compare Jude 8, 9, 16. So what limitations do the elders feel you have? Are they impatient with you for being immature and spiritually weak? How do they make you feel inferior?

    Even though his disciples were at times thoughtless and quarrlesome, he patiently instructed them.

    Imitate the Humility of Christ

    Paragraphs 11-13

    9/1/1894 WT qualifications of overseers, "of meekness?that they might not get puffed up?, of humble mind who seek not to preach themsleves but Christ?not to air their own knowledge but his Word in its simplicity and power."

    I wonder how many men they found?.

    True Christians should never seek responsibility in order to satisfy personal ambition or to gain prominence, power and control over others.

    An elder related to me about another elder who had been made PO have a long a hard climb up the ladder. His first words were to the elder body, "It?s my way or the highway."

    I wonder what the elders in the congregatoin will be thinking next Sunday when they read:

    All elders and ministerial servants should to their utmost to serve humbly in behalf of others and to take the lead in sacred service, setting a worthy example for others to imitate.

    Any brother reaching out may need to ask himself:

    Do I look for opportunities to servie others, or do I have the tendency to want to be served?

    (Translation: Be visible volunteering to serve others until you are appointed an elder, then you can kick back.)

    Am I willing to perform helpful tasks that are not readily noticed by others?

    (Translation: Make sure you discreetly let the elders know who did it.)

    For example, a young man (sisters are worthless anyway) might be willing to give talks in the Christian congregationn but might hesitate to render help to the elderly.

    (Translation: He is only imitating the elders/MS who he sees giving talks every week but never talking to older witnesses and certainly not mowing the yard, buying the groceries, cooking or cleaning.)

    He might enjoy the association of responsible men inn the congregation yet be reluctant to share in the preaching work.

    (Translation: How can riding around in a car compare to going over to Brother BigMoney?s house to watch the Cowboys play the Vikings on his new 52" HDTV Plasma screen TV.)

    Such a young man would do well to ask himself: Do I focus primarily on aspects of God?s service that bring recognition and praise?

    (Translation: Women are worthless. Young men in the congregation are not reaching out; the base of possible MS is limited if non-existent.)

    Experience of a zone overseer showing humility by helping a young Bethelite adjust settings on a stitching machine, admitting that he too once did menial work and look where he is today.

    May we never feel that we are too lofty to do humble things or too important to do menial tasks.

    Because of the lack of "qualified" brothers to do the mikes, sound, literature, magazines, territory, attendant, the elders have had to "lower" themselves to do it. Some elders even have suggested sisters, but COs say if there are no MS, then the elders will do it, end of matter.

    How to Acquire the Christlike View of Greatness

    Paragraphs 14-17

    How can we acquire the proper view of greatness? One way is meditating on our relationship with Jehovah God.

    Not Jesus Christ!!!! Hasn?t he been the subject of true greatness in this article?

    We might surpass others in certain fields, but they may excell in aspects of life that are much more important.

    Why do they have to be "more" important? Why not just as important?

    Teach us "not to think more of ourselves that it is necessary to think."

    Don?t worry, there is always someone at the KH that will kick you down.

    In the congregation, a variety of tasks must be performed. Never resent being asked to do things that may appear lowly.

    Translation: Elders and MS are not willing to do those lowly things especially now that few young men raised up as JWs get baptized and stock around. Can?t shove it off on the women, so they have to do it. Gripe, gripe, gripe.

    Encourage your children and teeanagers to work cheerfully at any assignment they are given to do.

    Do they see you perform lowly tasks
    ? (Do they see the elders perform lowly tasks?)

    No matter how menial?helped to accept willingly any work assignment at Bethel.

    Nobody seems to want to do the lowly jobs any more?.

    Esther?put her own life at risk. (It wasn?t Mordecai putting his neck on the block.)

    And what does the WTS compare what brave Esther did to today?s JW women?

    Regardless of their economic circumstances, Christian women today can show a spirit like that of Esther by encouraging the depressed, visiting the sick, sharing in the preaching work, and cooperating with the elders.

    Is that what Esther was doing encouraging the depressed, visiting the sick, sharing in the preaching work, and cooperating with the elders.

    What a blessing humble sisters are.

    The Blessings of Christliske Greatness

    Benefits come to you when you maintain a Christlike view of greatness.

    Yes, no special privileges unless you grovel in front of the right people.

    Eagerly labor in behalf of your brothers (forget sisters)(until you get that elder appointment and you can kick back and delegate it to those brothers "reaching out"; gotta pay your dues.)

    Can You Explain?
    • Why should we shun the worldly view of greatness?
    • How did Jesus measure greatness?
    • Ho can overseers imitate the humility of Christ?
    • What can help us to cultivate Christlike greatness?

    Concluding Comments

    Can you imagine the people, including the elders, in the congregation, washing your feet.

    Can you imagine an elder cleaning your bed linen when you are sick as Jesus touched the leper?

    Can you imagine an elder weeping at the funeral of your non-JW mother as Jesus mourned for the woman who lost her only son?

    Who is Christlike in your life?

    I?ll only be posting Highlights from the next 2 weeks? articles since I?ll be quite busy.

    Feel free to add the wonderful additions and comments you always do.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Here is an exampel from reality.

    One elder was very carefull widh small things as who can go widh the mikrophone, and also who can counts as pulisher, very high demands, like perfekt youngsters or we dont count your sevice, and you can not be publisher.

    He also hunt some brothers widh alkoholic problems, or not problems, only littel more liberal wuie about was what tolerated, he stated a rule, if you are drunk more then 2 times we must dfd ýou, óne men was alos dfd fore he admitt that he perhaps have been drunk more than 2 times.

    He also once decide that one brother widh this problem must have a public reprimand from the podium, public reprof, like brother Smith have problems widh Alcohol.

    Problem was they never told him before this anonunsment, so it was a bigg schock fore him to here this.

    It later show upp that this high and migh´ty elder himsef have done the most bigg siin he have unother mans wife as lover fore several years.

    He was ofcourse dfd you say,??? weel not exaktly, he have only restriktions, but not fuly, he have promise to answer on bookstudie.

    Now sudenly it was no talking about doing things more than 3 times and you will be dfd, no it was forgiven even if things happend 30 times, and as I understand the bibel the most heavy siin is adultery , and use you frends bedd to do this widh hes wife.

    But I must have wrong ther, things are not anymore like what I have learned, ofcourse this send the cong down in depression, but the solution from headquorter is that if it dont work close the cong, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr.

  • Flash
    I?ll only be posting Highlights from the next 2 weeks? articles since I?ll be quite busy.

    Highlites are good. Your 'take' on things Blondie, I think, is 99.9% right on. Plus Highlites/abbreviated news makes WT info easier to take and 'cuts to the chase.'

    I have to think that the leaders of congregation today are blind in their belief that they are differant from the ancient Israelites. Specificaly in their attitude about themselves as ' Spirit Appointed Shepards of God's People.' When in fact they are making the same errors of pride and oppression that the Kings and Priests and the others who led the Israelites made and are not recognising the danger they have put themselves in (GB included). Ezekiel 9:5,6 and 7!

  • Gopher

    • Why should we shun the worldly view of greatness?

    Because Watchtower-followers shun anything worldly. Only those things ordained as "good" or "great" by the mother organization are acceptable. People like Gandhi and Mother Teresa are NOT great because they failed to recognize the importance of the Watchtower God's Kingdom. Anybody today doing great humanitarian work or trying to discover the answers to problems like hunger and disease are wasting their time, because they'll all die at Armageddon anyhow.

    • How did Jesus measure greatness?

    By obedience to him, not to some organization.

    • How can overseers imitate the humility of Christ?

    By immediately stepping down as elders of the JW's, because the organization for whom they're serving perpetuates domination over people and subverts people's freedom and individuality in favor of submission to the collective organization. The rank-and-file of the JW's have been beaten up enough (by articles like this and by the organization), Why perpetuate it by continuing on as a JW overseer?

  • What can help us to cultivate Christlike greatness?
  • Perhaps reading his words and looking at his example. Following an organization in which you continually get "knocked down to size" can only dishearten and discourage you in the long run, when you realize you've wasted decades of your life serving the whims of men who have no clue what real humility is.
  • cyber-sista

    Concluding Comments
    Can you imagine the people, including the elders, in the congregation, washing your feet. No, they barely gave me the time of day and now that I stopped going to meetings they haven't come by to see if I'm dead or alive.
    Can you imagine an elder cleaning your bed linen when you are sick as Jesus touched the leper? No, in fact the only encouragment I got from the elders when I was sick was to call with the concern that I had missed the meetings. Once when was recovering from major surgery the elder called to see if I had any time for the month and I said: no, I had surgery and was in bed recovering. He never asked how I was doing, but got off the phone right away probably to make some other calls on people who forgot to turn in their time.
    Can you imagine an elder weeping at the funeral of your non-JW mother as Jesus mourned for the woman who lost her only son? NO, When close family members passed away never did I receive condolenses from the elders or anything like a sympathy card (they weren't witnesses) After my mother-in-law died one of the elders came up to me (Mr. Joker-man elder) and with a big old shit eating grin on his face said..Well, ya got the old lady buried, huh? In a congo I attended a woman's son was killed in an accident. She had been a faithful sister for years ,but of course they could not use the kingdom hall (her place of worship) for the memorial because her son was "worldly." and then of course it was a matter of conscience whether or not one would attend the funeral of a worldly one.

  • Flash

    The fact is, those Witnesses who think they are strong, loving Christians are just the opposite.

    'Pride before a Crash.' They just don't believe theirs is coming! LOL

  • cyberguy

    Hey Blondy! Thanks for these weekly threads!

    There?s been some threads of late, showing the GB loves titles! What I mean is that Watchtower publications say ?Governing Body Member ?xyz!?? Well, how does this really fit with Watchtower exhortations? Of course they don?t encourage titles, EXCEPT with the GB! Can any active JW defend this position? I?d love to hear it!

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