Isaiah 43:10 "You are my witnesses"

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  • Noumenon

    I think 'In Search of Christian Freedom' by Ray Franz addresses this question somewhat.

    Basically Franz shows how it was only the ancient Israelites that have the right to call themselves that. That arrangement was superceded and replaced with the Christian arrangement. The whole of the new testament shows that Christians are to be witnesses to Jesus. Franz argues quite well that in fact Jehovah deliberately allowed the use of his name to fall into disuse because he wanted the emphasis to now be on his son Jesus. Hence why in the scriptures Jesus never used God's name once, not even in the model prayer and when uttering his last breath on the stake (also, the adoption by holy spirit compels one to say "Abba, Father"...not 'Jehovah God', or "Jehovah, Father"). Jehovah's Witnesses have harked back to a scripture applied to a now defunct and superceded religious system, ie, that of the nation of Israel, whose covenant with God has long since been broken, and have tried to super-impose primative Christianity with old Israelite religion. The result is a bastardised form of the Christianity of the new testament mixed with large chunks of replacement theology from the old testament.

  • shotgun

    How the name came about

    *** jv chap. 11 pp. 156-157 How We Came to Be Known as Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    Accepting the Responsibility

    What an honor it is to bear the name of the only true God, the Sovereign of the universe! But with that name goes responsibility. It is a responsibility that other religious groups do not want. As Brother Rutherford said in his discourse: “Happy are they that can take a name that nobody under the sun wants except those who are wholly and unreservedly devoted to Jehovah.” Yet, how fitting it is that Jehovah’s servants bear God’s personal name, that they make it known, and that it be prominently associated with the proclamation of his purpose!

    Any group or individuals that speak in the name of Jehovah put themselves under obligation to convey his word truthfully. (Jer. 23:26-28)

    *** yb75 pp. 150-151 United States of America (Part Two) ***

    When he was eighty-eight years old A. H. Macmillan attended the “Fruitage of the Spirit” Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the same city. There, on August 1, 1964, Brother Macmillan made these interesting comments on how the adopting of that name came about:

    “It was my privilege to be here in Columbus in 1931 when we received . . . the new title or name . . . I was amongst the five that were to make a comment on what we thought about the idea of accepting that name, and I told them this briefly: I thought that it was a splendid idea because that title there told the world what we were doing and what our business was. Prior to this we were called Bible Students. Why? Because that’s what we were. And then when other nations began to study with us, we were called International Bible Students. But now we are witnesses for Jehovah God, and that title there tells the public just what we are and what we’re doing. . . .

    “In fact, it was God Almighty, I believe, that led to that, for Brother Rutherford told me himself that he woke up one night when he was preparing for that convention and he said, ‘What in the world did I suggest an international convention for when I have no special speech or message for them? Why bring them all here?’ And then he began to think about it, and Isaiah 43 came to his mind. He got up at two o’clock in the morning and wrote in shorthand, at his own desk, an outline of the discourse he was going to give about the Kingdom, the hope of the world, and about the new name. And all that was uttered by him at that time was prepared that night, or that morning at two o’clock. And [there is] no doubt in my mind—not then nor now—that the Lord guided him in that, and that is the name Jehovah wants us to bear and we’re very happy and very glad to have it.”

    So there you have it, yes it's easy to see the Lords hand behind J.F Rutherfords endeavours.Thank you Jesus!

  • leaving_quietly

    I know this is an old thread, but it bears bringing up.

    Today's WT study (July 15, 2014 p. 28-32) brought out that Jesus said "You will be witnesses of me" because they were already witness of Jehovah (p. 29 par. 5). This led me to thinking: Yes, the Jews could have been called that, but not us, right? Who was it that Jehovah said "You are my witnesses" to and why? Again CONTEXT makes the difference.

    Isaiah 43 is a reminder about what God had done and will do.

    Vs 1: God reminds them that he bought them and they belong to him. (Jacob and Israel)

    Vs 2: God promises to protect them

    Vs 3: God reminds them that Egypt was their ransom

    Vs 4: God tells them they are precious in His eyes

    Vs 5-7: God assures them of his continued being with them

    Vs 8-9: Now, here's the key... God issues a challenge to the nations and asks them to produce THEIR witnesses to see who is right.

    Vs 10: God then says to the Israelites, "YOU are my witnesses."

    This wasn't about naming a group of people. This was about who is right and who is wrong. Who could produce witnesses for themselves that could truthfully claim to have been a savior, protector, etc. This was God's challenge to the nations, and in that challenge, he names the Israelites as HIS witnesses to that fact.

    The religion today known as Jehovah's Witnesses cannot rightfully be called that. The main reason is because the vast majority are NOT Israelites by descent. They have, for all intents and purposes, stolen the name.

  • smiddy

    Well my take on this is , the jews in Isaiahs time were identified by Jehovah as his witnesses , did they then identify themselves by that name ? NO , did Jehovah rebuke them for not doing so ? NO .

    Many Years later when Jesus appeared on the scene did he rebuke the Jews for not adopting the name Jehovahs Witnesses ? no he did not , neither did he address God by the name Jehovah .

    But what we do find in the Christian greek Scriptures (NT)

    Nowhere in the NT does the tetragrammaton appear , check the Kingdom Interlinear Of The Christian Greek Scriptures by the WTB&TS

    Acts 11:26 ....and it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.

    Thats right , disciples of Jesus were by divine providence called Christians , not Jehovahs Witnesses .

    The name Jehovah was an invention of a Catholic monk in the 13th century , using the tetragrammaton at that time ,JHVH and some vowels .


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The Israelites were God's old covenant witnesses. This was all nailed to the cross, as was the tetragrammaton. YHWH was God's old covenant name for his old covenant people. The JW's keep harking back to old covenant theology. They're basically a quasi-Jewish sect with sprinklings of Christianity.

  • designs

    If you go to any of the over 1500 Christian denominational Churches you really shouldn't be throwing bricks through this glass window....

  • Phizzy

    " They're basically a quasi-Jewish sect with sprinklings of Christianity."

    How true ! Look at the number of times they quote O.T texts to support their antiquated views, this weeks WT study being an example.

    In 58 years in I only heard the scripture where Jesus says you will be witnesses of "me" read a few times, and it was never stressed, just glossed over.

    The Isaiah scripture is using a Metaphor about a Court scene, not actaully asking the Jewish people to call themselves Yah's Witneses or anything, which is why they never did.

  • designs

    People with a Evangelical bent are the one's who usually bring this issue up, you just don't hear Catholics or the Greek Orthodox caring about this 'name' isue.

    A famous Presbyterian Theologian once proclaimed- 'there's still to much Jewishness in our religion'. Now there's an observation Paul would love.

  • Heaven

    A famous Presbyterian Theologian once proclaimed- 'there's still to much Jewishness in our religion'. Now there's an observation Paul would love.

    LOL! I love to point out to Christians that Jesus was Jewish, especially when they start bad mouthing Jews. I always get that stunned, deer-in-the-headlights look.

  • leaving_quietly

    People with a Evangelical bent are the one's who usually bring this issue up, you just don't hear Catholics or the Greek Orthodox caring about this 'name' isue.

    Correct. Think of it this way:

    You're walking down the street, and a homeless person calls out to you, "Sir, can you help me?" (Or "Ma'am" if you're a woman). Now, you know full well this person is calling out to you, but you simply ignore them. Why? Because that person DOESN'T KNOW YOUR NAME.

    Does this make any sense? Of course not!

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