Home theater speaker question

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  • sleepy

    I can't edit my bad spelling for some reason. Maybe I should try and get it right first time.

  • Elsewhere

    Ok, I can handle the impedance matching reasoning.

  • bull01lay

    Phono jacks and sockets tend to be used alot in the uk for audio connections..

    Follow other simple rules too like not running them near power cables, go for good quality screened cables and connectors, oxygen free wires.


    p.s. get the cables the same length!

  • Undecided

    Just installed a 5.1 set of speakers on my computer system. It only cost $50 and to my surprise works great. I had a Creative sound card that was designed for this speaker set up. Made in China, but works great.

    Ken P.

  • Nosferatu

    Personally, I never saw the point of having gold plated connectors. Unless you're plugging and unplugging a lot (ie video game cartridges, professional karaoke system), there really isn't a need to have them gold plated. All will go to shit anyway if you have gold plated plugs, but your wire corrodes on the inside of the insulation.

    A nicely tinned piece of wire will work fine. Also, I agree with the same length of wire logic (even though I don't follow it myself).

  • amac

    Banana plugs are the best, as already said...but they are also the most convenient.

    All this wire length talk is correct, but if you are just running an out of the box home theater system that you bought at Good Guys or Circuit City (and its not their top of the line stuff) then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Here's what I have...anyone else want to share?

    NAD T-752 Amp

    NAD T-572 DVD/CD

    Music Hall MMF 2.1 Turntable

    Music Fidelity X-LPS Phono Stage

    Music Fidelity X-PSU Power Supply

    Paradigm Monitor 90P Mains

    Paradigm Monitor CC-370 Center

    Polk Rears

    Cables: Straight Wire Encore II and Monster Z series and one of those Monster Cable power conditioner thingamijiggers.

  • Nosferatu

    What I have (excluding the model numbers):

    Technics cassette deck (with Dolby of course)
    RCA 5 Disc CD player c/w remote
    Realistic 8-track Player with Dolby noise reduction!!!
    Hitachi direct drive turntable
    Sansui Graphic 20 band equalizer (10 per channel)
    Zenith 8-track/turntable/radio combo (I ripped the turntable out) for 1st amp
    AR 100w amp (2nd amp)
    Computer (Pentium 133 ha ha ha)
    Zenith DVD player
    Sanyo VHS
    2 JVC 100w speakers
    2 Realistic 10w speakers (rear)

    Believe it or not, all this crap is hooked up together (and it sounds damn good!). I've got tons of inputs and outputs to work with. I'll post a picture later (if I remember)

    Not connected:
    1 Sony stereo reel to reel
    1 RCA Selectavision stereo Videodisc player

  • Haereticus

    Terry wrote

    In any Home Theatre system, it is a question of the weakest link. If you have all the high end equipment in the world and have one weak component; all else is immediately cast down to that level of the lowest common denominator.

    In this very case the weakest link is loudspeakers, efficiency factor in order of 2...4 %. I am anxious to meet a person who can (by ear) for example differ standard and oxygen free copper cabling.

  • sleepy

    Oh goody
    He goes I've got,

    Linn LP 12, Lingo ,Wilson Benesch tone arm, Dynavector art.
    Arcam something CD player
    Tag maclarem 20pr pre amp
    Audiolab 8000P Power amp
    Eposs ES22's
    And a few tweaky bits hear and there.

  • Peppermint

    I have for my pleasure,

    Every piece of Naim and Linn kit made.

    However it all belongs to to the shop I work for.

    Oh well.

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