Palm reading and what not

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  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    the future is a distorted mirror, not a window.

    what seems to be ahead of you is only in your mind as a distorted reflection of what is behind you... hopes, dreams, goals, anticipations, fear, etc... you seem to be aiming at something when in fact you are being driven by something.

    humans are very poor guessers about the future in particulars, but not bad in gross generalities, and very good at making excuses as to why their predictions failed, mostly blaming anyone and everyone rather than admitting to being ignorant.

    we are all sharing the universal poker game, we are all being dealt cards by the true nature of reality as the game progresses... you can notice what seem to be patterns and trends and sometimes your gamble pays off...sometimes it dont... just the way the game plays out.

    The paradox about seeking to know the future by psychic means is that no one really wants to KNOW THE FUTURE but instead wants some advance info to ALTER the future in their own favor.

  • rain

    Ive been to a few tarot readers in the past 1 of them predicted for me i left thinking that nothing was to come of it until i found out a month later that the information she had given me was true the person i had asked about was living halfway across the world! Not only that she revealed a secret which i was keeping (which i didnt want my mum to know about) and yep! my mum was sitting next to me when she said it!

    All in all though its a bit of light entertainment, always makes me giggle!

  • codeblue

    Welcome Tim Horton

    Hmmm...Tim Horton, isn't that a chain of coffee shops in BC?? Anyways, kewl name!

    Glad you found this board. It is very helpful and there are a lot of nice people here.

    Seems, lately that there are a lot of people from British Columbia posting, I was wondering if there is a reason?

    My hubby is from BC, and from the likes of what his "past JW life" was like there, I don't know how any JW can stay one in BC because there is such lack of love shown within the congregation.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey Codeblue..

    Your right.

    Tim Hortons is a "coffee/doughnut chain".. that is EVERYWHERE in Canada. Big Franchise,. and tons of Tim Hortons coffee shops.

    Hi again..Tim Horton, dude,..

    Just checking to see if you have been back here on your topic thread. Drop us a line here, if you like, to let us know what you think of some of the responses to your topic thread, no pressure though. .. and run out and get yourself an extra large Tim Hortons..double/double. .. yum!


    Special K

  • TMS


    In 1966 Hurricane Inez was in the Gulf of Mexico with landfall predicted to be extreme south Texas. Madam Palm, a local palm reader had a home/office on Boca Chica Blvd. in Brownsville, TX in the alleged path of the storm.

    All of the windows of Madam Palm's residence were covered with plywood for hurricane protection.

    Before making landfall, Hurricane Inez turned more due west striking Tampico, Mexico.


  • codeblue

    Special K: I was wondering if anybody else would pick up on the "Tim Horton" coffee chain..........their coffee is quite good and their pastries too!

    Tim Horton: where are ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't mean to scare ya off...

    Please come back!

  • czarofmischief
    That is the first hurdle. Accepting an old book of folktales or the hocus pocus of a charleton is not going to work.

    Knowledge is power. But, false knowledge steals our power.

    LOGIC is man's method of reaching conclusions objectively by deriving them without contradiction from the facts of reality--ultimately, from the evidence provided by man's senses. If men reject logic, then the tie between their mental processes and reality is severed; all cognitive standards are repudiated, and anything goes; any contradiction, on any subject, may be endorsed (and simultaneously rejected) by anoyone, as and when he feels like it.

    If we consult palm readers, tarot, ouija boards, the stars, bumps on our head, tea leaves---all we are doing is repudiating our grasp of reality and playing our life deuces wild in a winner take all world.

    I have to disagree with you. I DO agree that buying completely into the mysticism of, for instance, Tarot reading, is unwarranted and counterproductive - but it can be a useful tool for organizing thoughts and subconcious knowledge. Intuition DOES work, especially if you train it well. Sure, no spirits are involved, but I would hesitate to call a time-tested technique as being "repudiating our grasp on reality."

    Logic is all well and good, but how can you use logic if you don't know all the facts? How, in turn, can you bring facts to light if you emotionally refuse to face up to them? How can you be sure you aren't suppressing something in order to feel better about yourself? People do it all the time, even without realizing it. The Tarot can present a picture that your own brain can fill in, both positive and negative aspects of your life. People tend to rewrite even the things they know so that they put themselves in the best possible light. From the drunk on the corner to John Kerry's Vietnam service to Saddam Hussein in his spider hole; people are constantly evading the facts. It's in our nature. The Tarot can help overcome that nature.


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Thank you all for interest and ideas. No I didn't get scared away, but actually my parents are out for a visit(staying a couple days before and after doing a road trip around the northwest). AND they are heavily into the truf (Dad 1 of 2 elders in his KH). So I'm doubtful they would approve THIS site and my comments here, so I'm sneaking a little time here in the wee hours of the morning. They know we're not regular at meetings, so are starting to get more concerned and frequent in their visits (even though they live across the country). Their soft-sell was touching at first but is increasingly becoming annoying...but that is a topic for another thread....

    Special- "and not being able to become passionate and involved in life so to speak." That's also what it felt like in the borg..

    Hey zen (like your name- it's zany!) "you can notice what seem to be patterns and trends and sometimes your gamble pays off...sometimes it dont... just the way the game plays out."

    actually I'm using that theory in my trading hobby, it does seem to work..

  • Insomniac

    Tim Horton said:
    "I with most of you on the entertainment value of these pursuits, I mean how can you trust these people with such notorious bad fashion sense?!! Sorry insomniac :) "

    Are you referring to my 80's-era parachute pants and giant, tie dyed t-shirts? Or my gigantic afro? Cuz I thought that stuff was still in style, dang it!

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