i can't believe this.....

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  • kls

    Red you are indeed a good friend to her.,,,,My best wishes to you both.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Apparently nobody dreamed up the disfellowshipping concept in time to shun the "prodigal son". He was greeted by his father with gold rings, a new robe, and a feast. His brother was even chastised for not joining in the celebration.

    Today when Johnny came home all hang-dog and sorrowful, begging for a job, Dad would be obliged to tell him to go talk to the elders and leave it at that.

    You ARE a good friend for supporting your buddy, and I understand that you are treading a fine line between supporting her in her beliefs and wanting desperately to dissuade her of those beliefs. Maybe asking that great question would be appropriate, "What would the WTS have to do to convince you it doesn't represent God?" Or maybe not. You're a better judge of if she's ready than any of us could be.

  • Purza
    is determined to try to learn from the experience and get back into the organization as soon as she can

    I remember thinking this too when I was DF'd at 19. I can honestly say that being treated like I was dead really messed up my head. You think you can deal with it, but once the announcement has been made and you are all alone it is really tough -- especially for a young person. And especially if JW land was all she knew her whole life. It sounds like you really want to be there for her and are truly a good friend. That is something she is going to need more then ever now.

    My heart goes out to her. . . .


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