I just finished Crisis of Conscience...

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  • Badger

    Thanks to Ray Franz for writing it. Parts of the book have been talked about on the board before, but HOLY $#!+...seeing page upon page of evidence kept my jaw in a constant drop...

    A few thoughts...

    >Franz seems to have little malice for the org, and it shows in the book.

    >I looked at it with a very skeptical eye (as I do everything) and tried to see it from the perspective of a witness who sincerely believed. I was still floored by the callousness of the comments of these people.

    > Control really does seem to be the watchword for these folks, and they've trained the rank and file well. These people don't take a step without checking in with the service department.

    >If Rutherford had not been in charge, how much different would the society be?

    >For a faith that likes to point out the shortcomings of others, they aren't very forthright about theirs.

  • kls

    Good for you Badger yes as you said,,,,,,,Franz seems to have little malice for the org, and it shows in the book.

    After i read it i also felt he had empathy for it as well. That book is such a great eye-opener for all to read.

  • acsot

    It is quite the read, isn't it? I remember how appalled and upset I was at the callousness of those men who call themselves the Governing Body. Especially about Malawi/Mexico, and their treatment of Ed Dunlap and Ray himself.

  • Sweetp0985

    I just finished reading it recently too. I've yet to get my mind set on reading ISOCF tho'. But I was a skeptic also before reading and like a few already mentioned I got pissed at the double standards of Mexico and Malawi. Also how they make judgements on matters that will affect a person's life...by a stupid ass vote...no bible usage at all. I had to grab the JW proclaimers book I had borrowed from my mom (for research purposes only) and look at picture they had of the GB. I just wanted to see what type of men could be so heartless and stupid.....They know more and more people are reading this book and finding out more info on them on the internet (like I did, but I was already df'd, and was trying to find all the reasons not to go back to the borg) and they are getting scared.

    IMHO thats why i think the increase of all the beware of the internet and beware of strangers bit. They know they are losing their grip because all the lies and things done in the dark are coming to light.

    I know there is no use in kicking a dead horse, but I'm still curious as to why they needed to join the UN. That was some double isht for ya azz.....You can't join the YMCA but we can join the UN. Oh my bad, be a part of the UN just to use the library.....I bet any ordinary dub would get pulled in the back room at the speed of lightening if they came with some isht about they went to a church to use the library to do research on how churches are part of babylon the great.....

    I'm sorry, I'm ranting...i always get carried away...sorry

  • Epsilon

    Ah, good for you. If anything will make you do a full 180 away from the Watchtower walls, that would be it! It's a very good read, very thoughtful, but merciless- Mr. Franz pulls no punches.

  • MegaDude


    One of the higher-ups in Bethel told me when the book first came out, anybody who was somebody at Bethel read it. Mainly to see if Ray said anything about them personally. The only complaint this "higher-up" had about the book was he felt it maligned the sacrifice the brothers in Malawi made.

    Someone I knew met Swingle (one of the GB) at a hall dedication and asked him about Ray and his book. Swingle was quiet a long time and finally said, "Ray was a good guy. He just couldn't go along with everybody else. And I really can't talk anymore about it," and ended the conversation.

  • FairMind

    I agree, COC was an eye opener! I believe that when Ray Franz wrote this book his "heart" was still very much involved with the WTS. His second book ISOCF, show us that Ray Franz is a spiritual man who did not give up on God after he gave up on the WTS.

    I also throughly enjoyed Jim Penton's book Armageddon Delayed which is a mostly objective book focusinn on the history of the organization. It is not quite the insider book as was COC but I foud it equally hard to put down.


  • the mole
    the mole

    yes it is a great book...it filled in so many gaps that i had when i decided to leave..i am constant contact with ray..he and his wife are doing well so far...

  • TheOldHippie

    Dunlap stands out as a man I would have liked to have known, but even more so Lyman Swingle. I really "felt for" Swingle after having read the books, and am sorry he did not have more power.

  • Golf

    "For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, neither anything carefully concealed that will never become known and never come to the open." Luke 8:17

    Guest 77

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