What Is the Real World?

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  • Terry

    The world of people and things is like a deck of cards.

    Without being dealt we are but a potential hand of potential value.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses, by refusing to play, are inventing their own game and they aren't playing with a full deck.

  • VM44

    To the Witness mind, the second worse thing you can call a JW is "Worldly"

    Guess what the worse thing is? Starts with an "A".


  • ezekiel3

    One elder told me that from far away the "world" appears like shimmering diamonds, but when you actually touch it you find that it is just shards of glass.

    What fear mongering bunk.

    From the JW dictionary:

    World n. Satan's evil system on Earth, esp. since 1914. [CTW]

    World-ly a. 1. Possessing the traits of Satan's evil system. 2. Quality of someone who not a JW 3. Permitted to count service time when talking to. see INTERESTED [JFR]

    World-ling n. A paticularliy nasty person who will definitely be destroyed in Armeggedon. [FF]

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    In "this world" people have the values of earning what they get - both in terms of luxury or torment, and being fearful of loss. Those of "this world" utilise laws that seek to address what one may "deserve" (the judgements of which are haggled over) - it is a marketplace where life and love is something that people "buy and sell".

    • for you love the best seat in the synagogues and salutations in the market places
    • they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the market place before the rulers

    there's no doubt that jwism is a 'world' leader

  • trumangirl

    To quote from John Mayer:

    "I want to scream from the top of my lungs, I just found out there's no such thing as the real life, only lies we have to rise above".

  • dh

    if you go to meetings, you are not part of the world

    if you don't go to meetings, you are part of the world

  • willy_think

    real world?

    That is the place were 2+2=4. in the real world, there are no fairies dancing in the garden, no angles on pins, no gods giving out prizes, no devils making you do things. In the real world St. Anthony will not help you find lost things. In the real world there are no good or bad men, only men and the things that they do. The real world is the place were social constraints and traditions are used to suppress the individual. But still 2+2 is 4

  • Satanus

    The wt 'being part of the world' definition is basically meaningless. The just slap that term on what they want you not to do. Also, not being a part of the world is a label they use to apply to the complex of instructons that they want you to follow. Once established in the mind, those terms are hypnotic triggers to dubs.

    I am less involved in the world now than i was when i was a jw, yet i consider myself more a part of it. Just another human animal walking on the surface of this lopsided sphere. But, i can mostly choose to which parts of the world i am exposed. If i get into the meditation thing more, i would cut out more of the external world and get more into the internal. That may appear to be a cutting down of worldly involvement, but it isn't really. In the subconscious world, we are even more connected than in the conscious.


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