For those in the UK: Were you encouraged to leave school with only GCSE's?

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  • LittleToe

    As you rightly point out A-Levels stand for "Advanced Level", whereas O-Level stood for "Ordinary Level". Both of these grades were under the GCE system. Though GCE was usually synonymous with O-Levels, it has now been retained just for the A-Levels.
    There were also the AS-Levels (Advanced Subsidiary), but I don't know anyone who went for them, unless they were certain they were going to flunk the A-Level and wanted to fall back on having at least some grade..

    I think I got about four or five O-Levels under the GCE (General Certificate of Education) system.
    CSE's (Certificate of Secondary Education) was a lower grade still, of which I got a further three.
    They were replaced with the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) system.
    Confused? So were we!

    It mapped out like this:

    GCSE / GCE / CSE

    • A / A / ..
    • B / B / ..
    • C / C / 1
    • D / D / 2
    • E / E / 3
    • F / U / 4
    • G / .. / 5
    • U / .. / U

    Where "U" = Ungraded = Fail

  • Sirona

    Oh yes I was discouraged from further education!

    I got all A grades at school but was told by an elder that the book you study after the live forever book (was that called "worship" or something?) was all I needed to know (equivalent of A Levels? )

    Instead of doing A levels I did an NVQ and got an advanced diploma....but it was all pretty much skills based stuff. It was only when I was getting out of JWs that I got myself an A level and then went on to start the degree in psychology.

    So many ExJWs are studying in later life, I've noticed.


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