Can you believe it?

by flower 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • frenchbabyface

    Well Flower I can't really see how much he has grown on looking both pictures, but I can tell he is Damn' cut !!!

  • Funchback

    Hey, Flower.....

    Now I know where you get your good looks from!

    You and "J" need to come to Philly for some games this year.

  • flower

    He had a great first day..said he couldnt wait for the second day . I was 'cool' tears were shed. But that is in part because just as the kids were getting ready to depart the gym with their teachers the principal called all the parents to be seated and then 'trapped' us there to listen to his 1 HOUR principals address. By the time it was over I forgot all about being sad ....all I could think of was how bad I needed some coffee!

    Ps..funch, we are living in jersey again yay! i'm already saving up for our first game at the linc. my son wont let me rest until we see a game live. at the rate were saving we should be able to get to a game before he starts high school! we should definately hook up for a game (on tv) some time this season..gimme a holler.

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