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    You'd think that, yes. However, on the documentary, several of them said they had been in therapy for several years and it had not cured them of their thinking that their limb was just not supposed to be there. Kind of reminds me of the people that are transgendered. They just don't feel right unless their body image matches exactly the way they feel inside. I can see how it would be very disturbing. Hell, I don't know if they are BORN with it, or if something is just messed up when they are kids. There' s just no explaining it for me, but I have to take their word for it. It must be an all-encompassing desire, since they go to such extremes to have the offending limb removed: even to the extreme of removing it themselves. One guy in the documentary put his leg on dry ice for several hours, so that he would suffer frost bite. He said that it was very painful, and he was shaking and crying when his mate took him to the emergency room. The doctor said that he might have to amputate. The guy was really excited. Then the doc said that he could save the leg, and the guy told the doctor that if he *didn't* amputate, that he would do it again. The doctor amputated.

    I guess if it's okay to let surgeons alter someone's gender physically, what's the point of penalizing them because of removing a limb that is healthy?

    I am not sure if the term "apotemnophilia" is a good term for it, though. That implies a sexual disorder. For most of these people, it doesn't seem to me to be a sexual disorder, but more of an identity disorder.

    Country Girl

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    Country Girl


    How did your rotator cuff get torn? That must have been REALLY paintful, and you must have a high tolerance for pain! I do that, too. Refuse to go to the doctor. I will only go to the doctor when I am nigh on dying. I try to cure myself with natural remedies all the time. I am currently fighting a jawbone infection because I refused to go to the dentist because of a sore tooth. Now it's gotten so bad that I am reduced to inertia. I am taking antibiotics, but feel guilty because of it. I am not sure how I got this way, being afraid of doctors, and being afraid of conventional medicine, but I just am this way. I am a very wary consumer. I don't trust doctors.

    I almost lost my Mother because she wouldn't go to the doctors. She was in a coma, and she wouldn't take a blood transfusion, so they had to airlift her to another hospital where a JW doc practiced that would do her operation. If she had gone to the doctors a few years earlier, they could have helped her, but she waited until the last minute. There's something wrong with that...

    Anyway.. I think that these people should be obliged. If they want their limbs taken off, so be it. If it makes them feel better, then let them do it. If it were a child, no.

    Country Girl

  • kls

    Country Girl go to a doc. to make sure it is a tooth. The infection can spread through your body and the infection could eat through your jaw bone. Being so close to your face and brain is nothing to wait for . It could also be infected Sinuses . Don't be afraid have someone go with you if you it will help. I cannot tell you how important this is.,,,,,,, I do a lot of heavy lifting and a load of stone got away from me and then i heard snap. Well i thought it would get better on it's own but after 9 months the pain was so intense i finally went in . The MRI scans showed a tear in the cuff and surgery was needed. Well it was to be an 1hr. surgery that turned into 2hr. surgery because of the mass of infection that infected the bone, so it had to be taken off.

    PLEASE ,,,,,go have it checked . It mat be nothing but you must be seen by a doc. don't wait like i did before it turns worse.

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    That sort of explains one of the villians in the recent movie "Hellboy". The character in question was a surgeon who, for reasons not clearly explained, got a thrill out of working on himself. Most of the time on screen, he wore a face mask, but when it was removed, he was a complete mass of self-inflicted surgical scars. He had removed his own lips and eyelids, as well. To say he was hideous would.....well, you just had to see for yourself.

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