Will there ever be a computer in a KH?

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  • Nocturne

    There's a computer in the library room at my old kh. Although I never saw anyone ever use, and I'm not sure if it has a connection to the internet. But I don't think they would be connected to the internet just because it would be impractical to have it if it is barely being used.

  • Stephanus
    We've got one in our hall, although no one but the elders can use it. It's all hooked up to the Internet and everything.

    Time to sneak in and set the homepage to JWD!

  • Simon

    I've surfed the Net using my mobile phone and pocket PC from the KH. Beats listening to the dross from the platform

  • Farkel

    : Will there ever be a computer in a KH?

    Only if its connected to an ATM, VISA or MASTERCARD swiper.


  • Monski

    Computers? The invention of Satan!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, it runs the HVAC system.

  • DaCheech

    We got one in ours 486 running windows 95 and the WT lib installed.

    Obviously no internet

  • Mysterious
    Where I live, it is hooked up in the congregation library which all in the congregation should have access to.

    Do people even use the congregation library is the next question. I mean. I only ever used that room to go over a talk..I certainly never did any actual *gasp* research or anything. Mind you it was like having a mini congregation library at home half the time anyway so it was a bit un-needed.

    I do believe they talked about putting an old computer down there in our hall and putting the watchtower cd on it..I didnt care it was nothing I had at home anyway. But certainly there was no internet hookup. I dont think all the old timers would have gone for that evil internet.

  • dorothy

    Yeah, it's in the library. Which we are all (technically) supposed to have access to but going in there without a DAMN good reason brings dirty looks and someone inevitably runs to get an elder, who will kindly ask you if you need any help. I once asked permission to go in there from an elders wife so i could use the phone. I guess no one told any elders I had permission because one came and asked if I needed anything. I told him I was using the phone, I had permission, and he left... sort of. He stopped to have a conversation with someone right in front of the open door.

  • blondie

    Dorothy, it makes you wonder what else is in the room...the locked secret files of the elders...then they should put the computer in another room. Even the phone requires permission...

    Pretty strange guys there. The phone has never been something anyone had to ask permission to use. I can remember one place though where almost all the calls were long distance and you had to log your call and would later have to re-imburse the KH, that was weird.

    I would just say, "I'm looking up information on the WT-CD for a Bible study, for a part this week, for background material for a personal study project.

    I know in one congregation, computer challenged publishers were causing technical problems with the computer, so had to ask to be shown how to use it (or make sure they already did, then they were left alone)

    But listening in on your call...

    I think they had their secret files in there


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