surprise visit from my brother, call with Dad, happiness and saddness

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  • outnfree


    I am sorry for your pain, but hopeful that things will look up soon. I think it sad that your family won't be saving you seats, but perhaps the "validation" of this brother and his wife sitting with you will clear up the collective's apprehension about treating you like a decent human being. Which you are, be assured.

    Good luck this weekend!


  • jwbot

    confused, I think you are right, I think with what she did is what caused my mom, dad and brother to really examine the situation and why they are treating me better. I hope that some day I can show them that I am a good person, I dunno.

    outnfree, I think I may take up the couples offer to sit with them. But on the other hand, Mike and I could sit in the way back and invite a couple ex-jws and have a little fun...

  • Ratboy

    jwbot, I'm so sorry to hear things are so hard on you and your family. I can only imagine how hard it would be for you if you were DF'ed. Keep building up (eek! that was borgspeak!) your relationship with your brother.

  • jwbot

    Since then, my brother has come over again and we visted him at his place of work. I am thinking that things are definitely good with him.

    Mike and I are still going to the assembly, we are just going to do for 1 day, one morning to see my mom, dad and brother give their talks (and brother in law).

    I am a little nervous but less so. I also took out my monroe peircing (an end of a phase) because it was causing a problem with my canine tooth and I am too obsessive about my teeth to handle that...anyway that will help me not stick out so much because now I just have a tiny tiny nose ring. (and tounge and belly but those do not show). My parents can interpret that whatever way they want...

    Am is wrong of me to do this? I mean I do not want to "lead them on" and I am not saying any definitive answers. I stand my ground about the marriage issue.

    I am a little conflicted.

  • StinkyPantz
    Am is wrong of me to do this? I mean I do not want to "lead them on" and I am not saying any definitive answers.

    It will give them some hope unfortunately. Before I left KS, I went to one of my brother's public talks to show my support for him. I don't have to agree with his religion, but I'll support his life's choices (within reason of course). This spun off a serious of calls asking me to speak to the elders, yadda, yadda.

    I am SO happy to hear that your brother visited again. I hope this isn't just some phase.

    Oh, I forgot to say.. I think it's cool what you are doing. It shows that you are willing to sacrifice a little to be with them.. hopefully they acknowledge that and reciprocate.

  • jwbot

    Thanks for the encouragement Stinky. I hope my parents see my effort in that light too (new light? haha).

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