Some twisted psychopath kidnapped my brick!!!

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  • Elsewhere

    Sadly I must report that shortly after my bricks were delivered to the construction site of my new house, some sick twisted psychopath went and kidnapped a brick for ransom!

    Granted, I must admit that there are some VERY suspicious circumstances surrounding the alleged "kidnapping". I know that particular brick and he has always been a troublemaker and prone to violence. I can't help but wonder if what really happened was he joined the Bloods gang and just sent me a pic of himself engaging in some deviant S&M behavior hoping to get some money out of me!

    I have a lead that points to my Cousin, PennyCandy, as being the culprit, but I seriously doubt she had anything to do with this dastardly deed... Some evil apostate could have hijacked her email and made it LOOK like she did this... we all know how crafty those evil apostates are!!!

  • Stefanie

    Maybe he ran away?

  • Stefanie

    Just got word that he was working for an anticompany company!

  • Elsewhere

    OMG! Is that one of those corporations that are founded to fight against the tyranny of corporations?!?!?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Damn Al-Qaeda is everywhere.

  • Elsewhere

    Here is the text from the ransom email:

    Subject: In mortar fear

    I have your brick. It is safe. It will not be harmed as long as you send me $10,000 ransom.

    p.s. I have a wet saw and I know how to use it. See attached picture.
  • Panda

    The trick with brick is not to slaughter with mortar; rather you should slather clean lather; then after awhile groom him with style.

  • pennycandy

    Going public was a nasty mistake. Any more sly moves like that and (b)Rick will lose a chip.


    p.s. Sorry, but I don't know how to attach a photo so I'll just send it to Elsewhere and he can post it, okey-docky. Thanks.

  • Sirona

    HI Penny

    Is today your birthday? (if so, happy birthday!)

    Elsewhere: you should have warned me about that graphic brick pic! Some of us have brick phobias you know!


  • Elsewhere

    OMG!!! I think she is serious!!!

    Somebody help me!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!

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