Windows XP Service Pack 2

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  • JH

    Did any of you get this service pack installed yet?

    I received it through a windows update, but It didn't want to install on my computer because I don't have a valid version of Windows XP

  • zev

    hmmm. me thinks i read someplace online that you don't have to worry about that. microsoft is letting the sp2 fly anyways to help secure the nasty drone mail spamming infectious disease ridden computers that allot of people have pirated copys of xp on. give it a whirl.

    oh, and yes, i installed it on all 3 of our machines here.

    i dont have any problems with it, and i love the new pop up blocker, security features, and other cool stuff.

    oh wait, that was my linux box i was talking about.

  • Terry

    If you have a home network DON'T install the service pack.

    It ruined my network for three days

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I ordered the CD because I'm a cheap bastard who uses a dial up connection. Did you know the CD is completely free for the asking from Microsoft?

    My copy of XP is completely legitimate, but I have some concerns about what programs may not work properly after I install SP2.

    Programs like WordPad for example.

    ...but seriously, I don't do very much that anyone would consider especially "trick," - no games, no sub-space communication channels, no hint of anything even remotely fun - but I'd like to be able to continue doing the things I do without having the OS hose my system.

    I tremble with dread fear and anticipation of the "great day of Gates Almighty.".

    I will probably self-medicate into some kind of stupor prior to installing SP2, and I plan to remain in said stupor til time indefinite. I think it will seem paradisaical.

    Opium is the religion of the masses and all that.

    That's MY plan. Your plan may differ.

  • zev
    If you have a home network DON'T install the service pack.

    It ruined my network for three days

    i have one, mine was fine.

  • dh

    i installed it through the windows update thing and now i am abusing it, it seems alright, i have done it on a few computers and they are all still chilling out, but they are straight onto a router with dynamic ip's so there weren't any network settings to mess up.

  • goldfish

    I have installed it.....seems ok. I did have to get an update for Nero v6.....and re install Clone dvd, both due to issues with SP2. Apart from that, it`s fine, nice security features too!

  • Simon

    I've had it installed for a few weeks now on several machines - no problems to report.

  • jwbot

    Anyone have issues installing it on the coorperate edition of XP?

  • Terry

    IF you are running an Antivirus; disconnect it first.

    That is what I failed to do.

    And BLEWIE!

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