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  • FMZ

    How deep do you want me to take this one, Terry?

    On a simple level, why do I exist? To live life and be happy. To sit with my father and have a glass of red wine and some cheese and crackers.

    On a slightly deeper level, why do I exist? I honestly don't know why I (as a conscious entity) exist. However, Keith Jones exists so that I (again, as a conscious entity) may learn the lessons in life, what it feels like to live in joy, pain, love, and all those other amazing emotions that we experience, so that I may become a more loving spirit being, and gradually work my way closer to being in The Light. After Keith Jones ceases to exist, I will probably chill out in the next world just long enough to come to terms with what I have learned in this life, and also long enough to figure out what lessons I still need to learn, and what I need to re-learn. Then I'll choose myself another life full of anguish, absolute happiness, pain, suffering, and contentment. And thus the process repeats.

    On an even deeper level, why do I exist? lol


    P.S. Only recently have I found out why I have always had the feeling I'd done this before.

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