Heaven, where is it?

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  • JH

    How would you explain what and where heaven is?

    and, do you expect to go to heaven when you die? I don't

  • ozziepost

    It's everywhere but it's nowhere but it sure ain't somewhere!

    The presumption that it's somewhere is part of dub teaching. remember how they used to have God living in Pleiedes?

    Does God have to be bound by human tangibility? Not for a Creator of all things including both time and space.

    Simply put, God i.e. heaven must be in a different dimension and just as we can't understand infinity so we wouldn't be able to comprehend God's dimension - we're not made that way.

    Does that bother us? It shouldn't.

    Where do we go when we die? To be with the Lord wherever that might be. To the apostle Paul that was enough. Seems good to me too.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • dh

    my understanding of heaven, as a place, would be just another dimension, as in we live in (we are aware of) a 3 dimensional world, there may be other dimensions that we cannot see, same as the things our senses allow us to take in, frequencies, sound & light etc. if there's a place for heaven, it could well only be hidden by our ability to see it. and certainly if heaven is not hidden in that way, i think something is.

    i used to imagine ripping a hole in the world and there being another one behind it. i think there probably is.

    edited: what i mean by dimension is that, if there was a world that existed in the 2nd dimension, it would be flat, like a piece of paper, and would not be aware of the existence of the 3rd, likewise if there was a world in the 1st, it would not even be able to grasp the one we live in, yet it would be coexisting right alongside it, as we may be doing with the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions... worlds within worlds.

  • JamesThomas

    Often it is said that holy scripture is written to be understood metaphorically. In other words, not to be seen as physical or carnal things and events in space and time, but rather as levels of consciousness within. Words like Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, etc, when referred to in scripture are pointing to the awakened consciousness that sees the oneness of all, and has no person, place or thing, left separate to hate.

    So, in this sense, "Heaven" is not a place that can be entered into. It is lived.


  • MerryMagdalene

    When I was much much younger and way too presumptuous for my own good, my mom would push me on my swing and I would say, "Higher...higher...higher. I'm going to kick a hole in the sky and see God." Come to think of it, I seemed to be quite fixated on seeing God at that point in my life. I have my Granddad's old Bible and the inside covers are full of drawings with conversation bubbles showing an argument between two "sisters" giving a "talk" which basically goes: "I can see God." "No you can't." (over and over) It seems my spiritual questing has continued on along a similar pattern to that.

    Oops. No meaningful contibution to your thread here. Sorry.

  • FMZ

    There is more to the phrase "The Kingdom is amongst you" (paraphrase) than most people give creedence to. It's literally right here, where we stand (on a basic level).

    On a deeper level, it is right here, right there, everywhere and nowhere (yep Ozzie, I'm with you)... but in being everywhere and nowhere, it is everything, because everything is one. hehe. Confused yet? To put it in scientific terms, it exists in the same space as we do, but on another frequency, almost like another channel on the radio. If we change the frequency the radio picks up, then we hear different things.

    Again, my humble opinion (which, strangely enough, science agrees with, though it doesn't realize it yet, hehe)


  • StinkyPantz
    do you expect to go to heaven when you die?

    Assuming there is a heaven.. no.

  • JH

    Naughty girl

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ...first star to the left, then straight on 'til morning.

    I'll be there in my dreams.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    hell is not getting what you want and getting what you want.

    heaven is wanting what you get.

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