Has anyone else heard this prediction?

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  • Mulan

    I heard a discussion on Fox News last night about a surprise at the Republican convention this week. I cannot remember the analyst's name but he was basing it on several factors:

    1. Dick Cheney has cancelled all public appearances scheduled for this week (TV and radio interviews,etc)
    2. John McCain is speaking at the convention tonight (Monday)
    3. Tomorrow John McCain leaves NY to join the President in the West for two days of personal appearances and campaigning
    4. Both of them return to NY for the convention and the acceptance speech on Thursday
    5. Lots of buzz at the convention about a big surprise coming during the week.

    The prediction is that Cheney will announce that his doctor has advised him that his health may not stand another 4 years as VP and that Bush will announce John McCain as his running mate.

    Did anyone else hear this? I've been gone most of the day so haven't heard anymore convention "gossip".

  • Redneck

    WOW..if that is true it will throw a whole new spin on things want it..

  • XQsThaiPoes

    6. And Jehovah puts it in the heart of the beast to devour the harlot babylon the great.

  • dolphman

    Shit. If that's true, Bush will win.

  • Badger

    ...and then assassinated...

  • dolphman

    Wow. Actually, that might work out for the best. McCain would be a decent prez.

  • Princess

    That would be brilliant of Bush. Makes me think it must not be true.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    If that is TRUE... with John McCain as vice president I would have to think twice..


  • Badger

    Not Bush...but brilliant of the RNC.

    Hey, now I'm looking forward to a McCain-Edwards debate...

    but if Bush gets capped at the convention...can you say "Manchurian Candidate?"

  • DanTheMan

    Well, he's not a neocon and he's not a religious conservative, Bush's core constituency. If it happened it would just be a cynical ploy to broaden the appeal of the ticket, and then once re-elected, "Don't call us John, we'll call you".

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