Oh the joy of freedom..... to be just me.

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  • franticfran

    Finally after five years I have finally shut the door very firmly on the witnesses. I have had this "sister" calling for over the last six months clearly trying to reactivate me,but never mentioning the reason why me and my family left the Forfar congregation two years ago. It was always any subject but the " elephant in the room" well today was the finale. Story too long to tell, but I asked her to leave my house and not come back and the look of sheer disbelieve was something I shall never forget. She was astounded as I politely but firmly helped her into her coat,thanked her most kindly for her visits and suggested that she find it helpful to all of us not to come back. Oh the joy as I shut that door on her. Happy happy day :)

  • cappytan

    Excellent. I can't wait for that day to someday come for me and my family.

  • Xanthippe

    Good for you Fran! What a great feeling. They don't have any power over you. Welcome to your freedom. 

  • galaxie
    Hi franticfran... enjoy your freedom. Bye the way ye'll git mair comfort fae a bridie! Lol. (Hope it's that forfar ).
  • franticfran

    Yes Galaxie, it is indeed Forfar congregation, a place that kindness forgot :) I think its the bridies that sends them all mad :) Now I remember a time when I would have been to scared to mention this lot by name but now I take enormous pleasure in " naming and shaming" ;)

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    It is an amazing feeling when you finally realize they no longer have power over your life ! No more looking over your shoulder or tip toeing around their feelings. Freedom to live your own life your way ...priceless ! 

  • flipper
    Fran- It took a lot of courage to do what you did. Congratulations, well done. Enjoy your freedom of mind
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Now that was a quick fade.  

    Seriously now, good for you. We each have our own special way of severing our ties.

  • kairos

    Must have been exciting.

    Good post

  • smiddy

    Of course she wasn`t counting her time while she was lovingly trying to reactivate you ... much !... Her ulterior motive for calling back on you .

    Freedom from cults the sweet smell of success , good for you.


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