New KingDumb Song 139 released today.

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  • cappytan
    Every and ev'ry are sung pretty much the same ... do they really need to do that?

    Some folks down here say "Ev-uh-ree" when pronouncing "every." It annoys the heck out of me.

  • steve2
    As with "every" it's the same with the word "interest" which is correctly pronounced as the two-syllable "In-trist" but people insist on saying as the three-syllable "In-ter-est".
  • wifibandit
  • scary21

    Jesus is in this song....WOW    Another thing I noticed ....Hear our prayer is a saying they repeat a lot in the Catholic mass.......

  • stuckinarut2

    The melody looks dreary!

    In fact I just listened to it...It is like an evening 6pm news theme song..... 

  • Xanthippe
    As they’ve made the truth their own.
    They finally stopped asking questions and learnt to STFU.
    As their faith was under test.
    They've alienated all their friends and relatives and we called it Satan persecuting them.

    Through endurance and obedience,

    The next few years we are going to work them into the ground.

  • sir82

    Does the trolley sing this one too?

    Or maybe it's sung by a convention ID badge?


                      TEACH THEM TO STAND FIRM..




  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The voice is strange. Are the rank and file singing about themselves in the third person? All the "they", "their", and "them" is as if it's everyone condescendingly talking down to more recent converts to the cult and how much they've done to pressure the newbies to stay in.

    The use of past and present tense seems kinda creepy to me. Not sure exactly why, but verse 2 almost gives me the feeling that they're singing about people who have died. Maybe it reminds me of the way as JWs we'd talk about dead JWs in a sorta past/present/future kinda way.

    And god seems like a loser in this song. God doesn't teach and care for these converts! Oh no, it's the others in the bOrg that do the teaching and caring. And as clearly indicated in the song, the bOrg has to constantly remind god to care for the new sheeple. Jehovah is so obviously absent-minded that unless these dubs keep pleading in prayer and singing, he's going to forget all about them.

    Of course, god always seemed rather petty that he needed us to constantly pray to him, stroking his ego about how wonderful he is, and reminding him about his promises because he probably had forgotten. I dunno, maybe Jehovah was so busy taking note of who was masturbating or having impure thoughts that unless we constantly reminded him in prayer, god would forget to give the poor JWs their daily bread. And unless we pleaded with him, god might destroy us because of our falling-shorts.

  • millie210
    Is this a new baptism song?

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