(Ex-)Elders and MS: Do You Know What They Discussed Before Appointing You?

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  • GermanXJW

    When I was appointed an MS for the first time (I moved several times and got recommended each time) I heard through the grapevine that one of the elders complained to the BOE that once he asked me to move my car so that he could leave the parking lot. I replied (jokingly): "Oh, there is enough place for a truck." But I moved my car and was surprised that things like that were brought up in the discussion to appoint me or not.

    Do you know what they discussed before appointing (or not appointing) you?

  • mrbarthoss

    I can imagine it was something like this (in my case): "He is from a good family (meaning everyone in the family comes to the meetings), he owns his own car, he doesn't drool on himself (a lot), he owns at least one matching suit, and FOR GOD'S SAKE, HE IS 20!!!!!!!!" - then the sound of a gavel (I suppose), and the determination: "He's in!!!" Y E A H ! ! ! ! ! !

  • LittleToe

    I usedto teach SCUBA diving, which they erooneously believed to be a dangerous sport.
    I was asked to desist, before being appointed. I know this came up.

    After appointment as an Elder, one of the things that struck me as most petty were the discussions on this very subject...

  • minimus

    Since I was an elder for many years, I'll give you an idea of the mundane things that are "discussed". An elder "heard" that the brother went to a 4th of July celebration (which is patriotic and "worldly").... a brother "seems" a little too sharp for his own good. We must give him time.......This brother always smiles and he should "look" more serious.......I've heard he's got a lot of bills.......His wife sometimes gives him "that look". I think we need to see if she's really in subjection first.....I can't say exactly why I can't recommend him but something about him----bothers me.......His family didn't want to open their home for a bookstudy. Do you think he would cooperate with the body?.......Wasn't he privately reproved 20 years ago??.......He seems a bit effeminate........He's not that good of a speaker......His 14 year old isn't even baptized yet!......

  • StinkyPantz
    His wife sometimes gives him "that look". I think we need to see if she's really in subjection first

    That made me laugh.. I sometimes wonder how I would've been as a JW wife ..

  • minimus

    Stinky, I'll tell you something. I was in a Hall that had many black brothers and sisters. The elders would center on a white wife, if she gave her husband that look BUT if a black woman did it, they'd think it was what it was.

  • blondie

    I gave my husband that look and they appointed him anyway. Gracious, I gave the elders that look.....


  • minimus

    Blondie, I didn't know you were black.

  • blondie

    Only black-hearted, min.

  • gumby
    and was surprised that things like that were brought up in the discussion to appoint me or not.

    Things like ALL the things mentioned....which Minimus covered well, are " things" that shouldn't even be on their egenda. Most Elders are dumbasses when it comes to the society's own spiritual qualifications for appointment. They quote Timothy for the qualifications biblically, then they are to discuss his example in following organisational rules.....such as taking the lead, supporting all phases of the work, being a good example, keeping the 'national average' or above in service, being a good teacher/ etc., (not neccesarily being a 'good' speaker'. )

    I remember I was told I wasn't appointed because ' I was to nosey in peoples affairs, and asked too many questions'. I wasn't told until it haphazardly came up in conversation.....years after I qualified in all the other ways.

    Once you are appointed an Elder....then ALL the things you didn't qualify for before being appointed, are ALLOWED to exist in an Elders life without fear of being removed. You pretty much have to be guilty of serious sin to be removed.


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