The New Black...

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Noticed this phrase appearing more and more in different articles. Did you know Dachshunds are "the new black"? I suppose so, but I have seen plenty of brown ones. It doesn't look black to me.

    Apparently, scar tissue is the new black. Ugh... this calls for something to be cut off!

    Duct tape accessories (it comes with accessories!?) are apparently also something new that is black.

    What in the heck does this mean? I've never heard it, but have been seeing it around alot. Is this a new (black) turn of phrase, and if so, exactly where does it come from? Some kind of new Urban English hip hop lingo? <Disclaimer: usage of the word "lingo" should not be used for age-identification purposes>

    Country Girl

    (who is gnu, but not black)

  • Robdar

    You're a gnu?

    Well, you are kinda cute!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Yes, and I read the Gnu World Translation of the Holey Strictures. <grins and winks at Robdar>

    But .. alas.. I'm apparently not in with the crowd of "New Blacks." Not as good as a Dachshund *or* a Duct Tape Accessory.. hehehhe.


    Country Girl

  • SixofNine

    sheeesh CG, this expression is as old as the hills ;-)

  • jwbot

    6of9 hit the nail on the head. I usually use that expression as a joke now, if something stupid is trendy like "ass crack is the new black" or whatever....

  • SixofNine

    I hope ass-crack really IS the new black. A new ass crack fashion millenium! It's high time plumbers and welders had a say in pret a porte!

    ps..(how'd I do baby?)

  • Cicatrix

    I just heard a hilarious commentary about pastel colors being "the new black" this weekend.

    "The new black" is a formerly trendy phrase that is quickly becoming a cliche. I hate it almost as much as the word "utilize," lol.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Cicatrix: I would have loved to hear that commentary. <snickers>

    HAHAHAHAH... well, Six, *I* am apparently not in the loop of hipness, tightness, and coolness. I've never once heard this expression. I asked my brother-in-law about this expression late this afternoon. I call him "Jamie Trendy" cuz he's so up on fashions (his name is James) and he gave me the same definition you did. Thanks for clearing all this up.. heheh. So.. that is my new phrase for the week. That, and "It's all Amish to me!"

    oh.. that word "utilize"

    That and the phrase: There is no "I" in team. Blah...

    Country Girl

    Is now a "gnu black"

    P.S. Robdar, I am stealing your little picture of the Gnu, since it represents my debut into the world of Gnu Blackness.

  • SheilaM

    So Thunders poem IS the new Black LOL

  • Carmel

    I thought the "gnu black" was a conservative uncle tom!

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