Are you a friend, a friend would like to have??

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  • Sassy

    On my commute I listen to various radio stations to keep alert... and the words from Tim Mgraws current hit, got me to thinking....

    specially the words:

    I became a friend, a friend would like to have....

    Do you think you are that kind of friend?? What does that mean to you?

  • onacruse

    To me, a friend is someone who listens to what I say, takes it at face value, and in return tells me what they the process, if we both learn something about ourselves, then we're friends.

    For example: Last night I got a call from someone who hasn't been posting much lately, and we haven't talked for a couple of months. In the course of the almost 2-hour conversation, we both agreed that "dang it, you make me think!" (And trust me, that cuts both ways )

    One phrase that sticks in my mind: "The discovery is in the dialogue."

    Speaking of which; Sass, it's been a while since we chatted...when is your next 2-hour window? LOLOL


  • sunshineToo

    I hope I am. That means I'm a very caring loving and understanding person.

  • Xena

    I suppose you would have to ask the people I consider friends. But yea for the most part I think I am...I'm there when you need me, but I'm not clinging or needy. Every now and then I request a shoulder to cry on but I'm usually pretty good about offering my own in return.

    The only thing I think I really need to work on is staying in touch with people better, but hey no one is perfect

  • BeautifulGarbage

    I like to think I'm a pretty good friend.

    I also suck when it comes to keeping in touch. Time easily gets away from me.

  • Xena

    lol think that is why our correspondence is so sporadic BG???

  • SheilaM

    No actually friends here on the board and elsewhere will tell you LOL

    I will do anything for someone. I am not a gossip but I have been burned so many times that I take two steps forward and 4 back, in the waltz of friendship. Thunder is my best friend and he still has to push me to take compliments etc. He pushes me to trust and to give others a chance.

    I have a good friend that I met her that is the MOST PATIENT person with me. She will call me and she has even got me to vent to her (which takes alot for me) I am not one to usually ask for a shoulder to cry on...but she presented her and in fact forced my hand many times.....WHICH I so appreciate.

    There are so many here I adore and sometimes I wonder if I show it enough...

  • StinkyPantz

    I'm with Xena on this:

    I suppose you would have to ask the people I consider friends.

    I guess if a person remains your friend, then you probably are the kind of friend they'd like to have. An ended friendship might lead one to the conclusion that you were not the type of friend this person would like to have. So.. I guess I am the kind of person my current friends want..

  • Sassy

    Ona.. anytime anytime.... you just never show online any more when I am on MSN (which isn't all the time any more myself)...

    There are times when I think I have been too good of a friend.. I believe in friendship and loyalty as being one of the most important things there are... even if it means putting myself last or hurting myself to be there for a friend..

    and not all friends in my life have been the same kind of friend back... I will have expectations of them to help me out or be there for me in some way that seems small but important to me, but they won't necessarily have the same expectations..

    maybe being a good friend.. a friend one likes to have is one without so many expecatations??

    I do know I too could work on connections.. I have gotten really bad about that. I will plan to make phone calls on the weekend and before I know it.. the weekend is over!!

  • frenchbabyface

    I don't know ... and I've also got a problem with the staying in touch stuff ... But I'm there if you need me (friend or not), be there if I need you (if you are a friend) ... or after a while ... Well that just mean you are not a friend and that I have better to do than being your friend.

    That doesn't mean I'm always friendly with my friends (also) but they know me, and I know them (we know how we work together).

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