Why do Jehovah's Witnesses contemplate suicide?

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  • BluesBrother

    *** g90 9/8 p. 23 Suicides?A Resurrection? ***

    Love strengthens our recognition that suicide?though evading one?s own burdens?only heaps more problems on loved ones left behind. As far as the one who rashly took his own life is concerned, we humans cannot judge as to whether he will get a resurrection or not. How reprehensible was he? God alone searches ?all hearts and every inclination of the thoughts.? (1 Chronicles 28:9) But we may be confident that ?the Judge of all the earth is going to do what is loving, just, and right!??Genesis 18:25.

    That is not exactly encouraging one to 'top yourself' so as top get an easy pathway to the kingdom. The older mags had said pretty clearly that a suicide victim could not expect a ress.

    Truth is, as others have said that dubs are subject to the same pressures as any other group of people. And it is true that a sensitive person may find the burden of trying to live up to it all an impossible load to carry, along with other stresses of life. Thankfully I have never personally known a successful suicide among the dubs

  • avengers

    According to the JDubb doctrines those who commit suicide
    do not get a ressurrection.
    I knew one JW family who lost a child who committed suicide.
    The whole family was devastated because they would never see
    their child again.

    Talk about love? Hah!


  • Dan-O

    I can't figure that out. I've thought about snuffing others' candles a few times, but could never understand why anyone would take their own life. If someone wants me dead, they'd better be prepared to take matters into their own hands, or they need a lot of patience. My family includes a lot of folks who lived to ripe old ages.

  • joannadandy

    When I was suicidal I was pretty convinced I wasn't going to be resurrected, and really didn't care at that point. That was just the impression I was left with...tho I suppose one could off themselves and hope in that God of righteous and whimsical anger might let you squeak by...

  • LyinEyes

    Blondie, good points.

    Joanna, also made a good point when she mentioned that when she felt so hopeless , ,didn't think she would be resurrected, and that she really didnt care . I know of 3 JW suicides and I have to say I agree that , that was most likely what the ones I know thought. ((((JO))))

    In my personal experience with suicide in my family, I know that the feelings of utter grief are at the core of all the pain. It was physically painful for my mother to go from day to day. I was with her the last weeks of her life and I saw her torment. I know , she wanted an end to the pain. Plain and simple. She didn't plan or think how she would benefit in the afterlife, or in a resurrection. She was always the type that wanted instant relief from her pain, that was one of the reasons she had such a hard time kicking her prescription drug habit. She hurt, she popped a pill. I guess one night her mental pain became too much and she ended it as quickly as "popping a pill" without alot of planning or thinking , otherwise she might not have succeeded. I know this from the time frame ,,, that it was probably something she didnt plan out in the days before , in a logical set plan if that makes sense. I know she entertained the thought of dying,,,,,most of us have been that low that we think of it. But , in my Mom's case I am pretty sure that the seed was there and the pain just hit , as it always did time after time. This was a lifelong battle for her and I know she was tired.

    One of the last things we talked about,,,,,was Jehovah, never forgiving her for the things she did to me and my sister, to my Father, to Jehovah himself and to herself. I have never seen anyone so full of remorse and grief as she was. I tried so hard to convice her that Jehovah was a loving God ( I was still very much a devout JW) , that he would not leave her as my Dad did. I tried to tell her that we all make mistakes and that Jehovah wants us to come back to him. She had tears in her eyes , and looked at me as if to say....." if only that were really true". I guess , she didnt really believe it. This story as most of you who have been here know, is quite long and complicated.

    She was disfellowshipped for smoking, while she was in rehab for 15 yrs of prescription drug abuse( not the first time by any means in rehab thou) , and all of this going on as my father was committing adultery with a much younger sister in our hall.

    Instead of them reaching out to help a sick person in the hospital.....they sent her a letter to her new apartment, telling her she was d/f for smoking. My mother, ever with all of the drug abuse issues,,,,,,truly loved Jehovah and died feeling like a failure , to all of those she loved.

    I don't blame every aspect of my mother's suicide to being a JW, but I am not going to say it didnt have a great bearing on her emotional health . Not only was she in an unloving , judgemental, rule loving organization, but she was married to my father, the biggest hypocrite, elder I have ever known. I always compare my mother to a silent lamb , because in my eyes she was . She suffered all those years, while all the elders in the congregation , father the P O mainly, brushed her problems of drugs under the carpet. She suffered mental and verbal abuse from my father , she was always put last on the list of his priorities.

    I am sorry for going on and on about this, I only meant to say a few words. I will end this now , as I think you all see the point I am trying to make. I guess I just feel compelled to be her voice , since she was never able to tell her story while she was alive. How very sad.

  • Corvin

    I thought about suicide, when I was a teen, when I thought I had gone too far, broke too many rules, violated so many righteous JW laws that I would never be forgiven. The guilt and fear tears you up completely and suicide starts to become a very viable way out. Masturbation was the worst guilt inducing thing ever.

  • Dan-O

    Damn, LE. That was sad.

  • ezekiel3

    Take it from one who knows... And to those less sensitive to suicide, consider what would drive you to end your life before comment next time.

    JWs teach that when you die you're dead, there is no hell or purgatory.

    They also teach: if you "know the truth", you must live according to JWs or else you will die.

    They also tell you: if you live a good JW life, you will experience "spiritual paradise" and true fulfillment even in this world.

    Raised a JW, I sincerely tried to live a good JW life. It was not fulfilling, and this vacuum in my life destroyed any joy I had as a JW. As an unhappy JW I made the logical conclusion (albeit as a hormonal teenager) that I was not cut out as a JW, thus I would not survive Armeggeddon. With no fear of an after-life, I proceeded to hasten my destruction at my own hands. This with the most sad and morbid "realization" that, though I knew "the truth", I was unfulfilled with what Jehovah provided.

    After my failed attempt, my parents had the elders to our house to help me. They never asked "why", but just read a couple scriptures at me. Even my parents were disgusted at this "therapy". It took me years to realize I had been taught a lie and that I was simply reacting to its falsehood. But the fact remains: JW doctrine is actually condusive to suicide among the mentally ill.

  • Sirona

    JWism surely does contribute IMO. Truly thinking you will die at the hands of Jehovah is enough to make anyone at least consider ending their own life first. Ending the constant fight to be acceptable to Jehovah is a temptation to some who are truly depressed and see no way of living up to his rules (which are actually the rules of the WTS, not Jehovah)

    When I was suicidal, I didn't really "feel" anything much. My only desire was to end the pain.

    The JW doctrine of "no resurrection if you commit suicide" is disgusting in the extreme.


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

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