"Under the Banner of Heaven"

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  • Panda

    Ona, You might want to check out the earlier thread on this book. We read it in our library discussion group and wow our chats lasted a month. I thought the history that Krakauer (sp?) wrote was well done. Good writing and sticking to the facts is not easy to do, but he did it well. The book wasn't a fast read for me because I just kept thinking "damn religion"

    I also liked K other books. Especially the one about the young guy in Alaska. Oh and the one about the mountain climbing group who lost so many ...I may be wrong but I think he was one of the treker on Mt Everest (Zumolangma in Chinese) Amazing that the Chinese name is for the Allmighty mother mountain and the Europeans named it after a man.

  • Odrade

    I'm just finishing it up. Fascinating read. I think Krakauer does a great job differentiating between LDS and fundamentalist Mormon sects, but he also shows how easy (given the development of the LDS faith) for the fundamentalists to believe and behave the way they do. I also saw pretty striking parallels between Mormonism and JWs, particularly concerning "apostasy."


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