asking for own dossier

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  • jgnat

    I've been told the US is a little behind. The federal government is covered by privacy legislation, and they are working at protecting electronic transactions. Unsurprisingly, the US is slower at legislating the behavior of private industry.

    Canada tends to follow Europe's lead sooner, especially if it will help business. As I said before, Europe has a greater cultural desire to preserve privacy than the US has.

  • candidlynuts

    maybe the law could be changed because the cards hold personal information that could be used fraudulently.

    ya know.. to get credit in someone elses name all you need is their full name, address, etc.?

  • lawrence

    What I found were my publisher cards with all the monthly totals - 2 years per card (both sides), a copy of my pioneer cards from the Society, as well as all the corespondence between the KH and the Society regarding me - but that was in a different locked box (Judicial matters - unlocked at the time I did my search). They had a copy of letters I sent to the Society, as well as letters from the Society with copies of what I had sent to them. Looking back, I should have taken EVERYTHING, and sent it to the publishers, and the rest to the winds.

  • Gaynor

    hi, I am having the same problem, see --- financial distress caused by Jehovahs witnesses, they will not release any information to me about myself. I too am searching for a way to get the information from them, let me know if you have any success.

  • Gaynor

    Simon it is the Data Protection Law that the Secretary of the London Plumstead congregation in the UK sites as the reason he cannot give me any information about my files that are held by the congregation.

  • jgnat

    It is not uncommon, Gaynor, for petty officials to get the information act backwards. It is because of the Data Information Act that you have rights to your own information. You do not have rights to anybody else's information, though, but you are not interested in that.

    If you are having a lot of trouble getting the Kingdom Hall's attention, why don't you warn them that you arr going to complain to the Information Commissioner?

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