History Channel -Tonight: UFOs In the Bible

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  • Gerard

    Today on History Channel:

    Monday, July 26 @ 8pm ET/PT Journey back through time into the mysterious world of UFOs as revealed through ancient biblical texts. Through intensive reinterpretation of early religious documents, researchers believe that they have found evidence of ancient UFO activity. From Elijah's flying "chariots of fire" to Ezekiel's "wheels within wheels in the sky", and even the enigmatic aerial phenomenon leading Moses during the Exodus, we put a modern perspective on the writings of the Bible in the context of UFOs. http://www.historychannel.com/
  • RR

    Spirit creatures are UFO :)

  • Gerard

    The Raelians claim the whole bible represent (UFO) alien teachings.

    Rule #1 of a cult: Offer something appealing, exclusive and unique.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    One never knows if they were on drugs, or delusional, or serious. Speculation is so much fun...

    Country Girl

  • TorturedSoul

    Using my Dads old sign in...sorry.

    Best regards, Misty Dawn

    There was a cult named Heavan's Gate.
    Those 39 they could not wait.
    After Hale-Bopp it was too late.
    That zany Mr. Applegate!

    The UFO they said they'd find,
    Trailed Hale-Bopp not far behind.
    A crazier notion I've yet to find.
    At what point did they lose their mind?

    They did not die there in the hall.
    They did not die against the wall.
    It seemed that no one tried to stall,
    Communal phenobarbitol.

    It took no time to close their peepers.
    The cops just thought they were deep sleepers.
    My favorite part? Their new black sneakers!
    Will Nike market them as "Air Grim Reapers"?

    Now this is the part I really hate:
    The testicles they did castrate.
    I guess they made no plans to mate.
    They could not even masturbate!
    I guess when you figure death cannot wait,
    There is no time to masturbate.
    What?! No time to masturbate?!
    Why would ANYONE join Heavan's Gate?!

    This one belief they did all share:
    For life on earth they did not care.
    Their families thought it wasn't fair.
    Hey, what was their f**ked up hair?

    The media cannot help debate,
    What caused them to direct their fate.
    Was it Mr. Applegate?
    Who cares? They were nuts! I think it's great.

    I toast them with every vodka sip.
    Now, who else wants that mothership?
    One comes to mind - as I purse my lip.
    I think Tim McVeigh earned a free one-way trip!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Using my Dads old sign in...sorry.

    Best regards, Misty Dawn

    Wow Misty, my heart literally went up to my throat when I saw who had posted!

    How are you?


  • Gerard
  • TorturedSoul

    Hi Chris...

    Sorry to rattle you. I had a user name and password of my own but cant remember what it was and the site wont let me in. All is well here although very warm. I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. I am going through a lot of dad's papers and journals. He a very large file of stuff here. It a labor of my love.

    Visited him this weekend. Miss him very much. Take care.

    Your friend


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I understand Misty. I was very close to Nina's (my wife) father. In fact I called him my step-dad. We kept all of his personal papers and effects in a closet for a year and when we went to work on it (just a few months ago as a matter of fact) I could actually smell Bill's aftershave.

    Miss him very much

    I know. Me too. He was a special man. I envy you.

    Be well


  • Mary

    Well this program about UFO's in the bible wasn't on the History Channel in Ontario tonight.........some crap called "Inside the Pentagon" was on instead.

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