We are so pathetic

by kls 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Soledad
  • Brummie

    >>>regains consciousness<<<<<

    But can he flush ? One more puff and we will see.

    Yeah he is all flushed cus Pamela Anderson is in there with him...

    >>>Passes the bongo to Soledad and falls unconscious again<<<

  • TonyT

    The pathetic part is the fact that I am also watching bicycle racing on TV!

  • kls

    Brummie now i hear voices,,,,,,,,,,,,, wuzzup pussycat pass it around bro............

  • shamus

    That's about all I've done for the last 6 months. Partied, smoked dope.

    I am practicing climbing knots tonight, and am going up a glacier tomorrow. I will take that over sitting around, high, drunk, thanks very much. (yes, I have been offered to go to a party twice so far tonite. no thanks)

    Shamus... the snobby stuck-up class.

    P.S. it's only 6:14 here! Parties don't get going until the bar closes, and everyone get's they're coke. When I wake tomorrow, they will still be going on.

  • kls

    So let's see , Brummie see's pope,,Brummie is a cat that uses a toilet, Brummie has Pamila Anderson in their with him and he can flush . Yep Sole man pass it back.

  • Soledad

    --------------> passing it back

  • kls

    Soledad, you sucked it all up,,,,,,,,,,,BRUMMIE,,,,,,,BRUMMIE,oops i stepped on Brummie.

  • kls

    Brummie , what you all doing with your face smashed in the floor.

  • TrailBlazer04

    well, I'm here playing on the computer, watching something on the History Channel and buzzing from Vicodin...yeah, I'm pathetic too

    TB (trying to get to 100 posts and get rid of the "newbie" thing)

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