Geez..............this week has been too much and to top it off............

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    .................tonight I go out to dinner with hubby, meeting a couple of friends at the restaurant, and when I sit down guess who I notice at the very next table???????

    The pedo's elder brother, with his idiot wife and another couple.I think they were more uncomfortable than us.

    It was very tempting to say something or better still throw a plate at them, but I did behave despite consuming quite a bit of alcohol.

    That's all............I'm just soooooo sick of having them constantly in my face. ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Have a good weeked all.

    Cheers, Bliss

  • Jim_TX

    Bliss -

    ********** H U G S **********

    It is better to not say anything. You did good.

    Ummm... if they were at the table right next to you though... perhaps your tables' conversation could've revolved around pedophile 'statistics' being quoted all night.

    "Did you know that the average pedophile... " etc.

    I think, if voiced loud enough to be heard at the neighboring table, it may have made their night miserable - and the restaurant could have sold a lot more alcohol at their table, too. *grin*

    (In case my typing skills are not good enough - I need to let you know that I am in NO way belittling your situation. I am sincere in my words - if you want to have the upper hand in any situation - you make the other party feel 'nervous' somehow.)


    Jim TX (the armchair quarterback)

  • Robdar


    I know that it had to be just awful to look over and see THOSE people.

    I hope that this next week goes better for you.


  • blondie

    Either its a small world or they have the same hangouts, Bliss. I'm glad that I don't have to see the players in my abuse scenario, so far anyway. I think you are a class act.


  • xenawarrior


    breathe in, breathe out

    You certainly have a great deal on your plate and too many ugly things to think about right now. How bout one of these for Bliss?

    ADD BUBBLES !!!!

    Have a good weekend Bliss !!!

    Hugs at ya !!


  • avishai

    I'm proud of your restraint, bliss, but.......

    It is better to not say anything.

    I disagree. I would have no problem saying "Hey, how's your baby raping sonofabitch of a brother?"

  • Soledad

    I'm glad you showed restraint. I know I wouldn't have.

  • frenchbabyface

    Yeah (what soledad said) .

    Have good Weekend (((Bliss))) you took a lot on your shoulders lately !


    THANKS are all wonderful friends.

    XenaW..............your suggestion is definteley tempting. I have to say alcohol was a big part of my dinner last night.......LOL

    And it was interesting that the 'other' table ordered more drinks than I ever remember them being able to consume in the past. Maybe they were sh^*#@ng themselves that I might say something. It was funny because one of the people at our table had studied with me and came to some meetings, so when she got my sms saying there were dubs at the other table and her sister read it with her, they both turned around and stared...........LMBFAO.

    Blondie...........this place was classy and cultured..............I don't know how they got to know of it. LOL Never expected to see them there.

    I felt like asking the elder and his wife, (who was quoted as saying the day after I got df'ed, refering to me,............"it's wonderful how jehovah keeps his congregation clean." note: her pedophile brother-in-law was still hanging around)........"so is your brother baby sitting your child tonight? Why not? You don't mind him playing with other people's kids and minding them in the car while parents go to the door on return visits!"

    Oh vengence............but I've got a better plan. One that won't get me into hot water legally. Will keep you posted.

    Better go and watch my son play rugby in the all have a good weekend........sending you (((((((((((hugs))))))))))

    Cheers, Bliss

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey Bliss

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Bliss )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    what a week you have had.

    Let's hope next week will be better and you won't be running into all these crappy persons.

    I agree the extra drink.. a long bath with bubbles definitely in order for you, girl.

    take care of that psyche of yours too. this week has been hell on the mind I'm sure.


    Special K

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