Stephen Hawking: No parallel Universes in Black Holes

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  • Elsewhere

    I understand the idea behind the Hawking Radiation, but I am wondering how the information is being transferred from the particle to the virtual particle outside the event horizon.

    Right now I can only guess that it has to do with quantum entanglement between the particle and the virtual anti-particle, thereby transferring the particles information onto the virtual particle via the virtual anti-particle. In this process the particle and virtual anti-particle will annihilate, but the particle?s information will be preserved in the virtual particle, causing it to become a real particle with the information from the original particle.

    Has anyone heard anymore information on this?

  • Robdar
    I read an article in DISCOVER magazine suggesting just that, that past present and future are all an illusion...MIND BLOWING CONCEPT!

    Yeru, this has always been a theory of mine. Do you remember which issue of Discover magazine printed this article? I would like to read it.


  • FMZ
    I read an article in DISCOVER magazine suggesting just that, that past present and future are all an illusion...MIND BLOWING CONCEPT

    lol, you have no idea. I have experienced this personally. I have had a shared dream with a friend. (i.e. where we are both in the same place in the dream, and are even aware of each other). I was very skeptic at first, until he described certain objects there in very accurate detail, even where I was sat. Now that is wild... but here is the more wild part... his dream occured approximately 72 hours after mine.

    Anyway, I am a firm believer in this concept of all things existing at once. Even more interesting though, is that all things are one. Not only is there really no "when", but also no "where". "There and then" is really "Here and now". But even then, there is no "here", as "here" would imply that there exists a "there". So it is just.... well... hold on, no, there isn't even a "now", as for "now" to exist, there would have to be a "then"... but there isn't, cause it's one and the same. So there is no "Here and now"... there is just "and". But then "and" suggests that more than one thing exists, but it does not. There is only one. So we are left with "".

    The meaning of life is "" !

    Seriously though, I do believe in all things being one. I can't explain it, but then, I can barely work a washing machine.


  • Mac

    And yesterday, today was tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mac, time does not travel in a straight line but, rather go's Greyhound class ( well it's a theory....not a perfect theory, mind you but, it's my theory! )

  • funkyderek

    Undaunted Danny:

    Something to brainstorm about. The Trinity dogma.Why it could be plausible, in light of new discoveries in Quantum theory/particle physics which concept allows for a plurality of 'multi-verse' as opposed to just one universe.

    The Christian god becomes even less necessary if there is more than one universe, although it could be argued that given enough universes, anything is possible. I don't think the universe we're in contains such an entity though. We'd surely have seen some evidence for it by now.

    How God's omnipresence could be in a multiple dimension, so he could be in more than one place or is it three places ? At a time.[Ref;John 1:1, Matt. 10:29,30 ]

    Your definition of dimension seems to differ from any I'm familiar with.

    This would account for God's unlimited database...Anyone wanna touch this one?

    There's nothing to account for - and nothing with which to account for it. What's to touch?

    If my data is correct the distance between each dimensional 'muti-verse' is that of a subatomic particle,(incredibly close) they are each 'a tad out of dimensional phase' to exist out of each others material space constraints.

    I don't think your data are correct. Or you're using very different data to what I'm familiar with. Care to share them? "Dimensional phase" isn't a concept I'm used to, outside of speculative fiction and TV shows.

    To illustrate i will use AC ( alternating current) electrical power systems in North America.Single phase is 110 volts... Two phase is 240 volts( two overlapping sine waves to represent the electrical waveform) and 480 volts is a triple overlapping sine waveform.You can superimpose an almost unlimited number of waves simply by modulating the waveform slightly out of sync with each other.

    So this is how a multi-verse could exist each one slightly out of sync with the next.

    A nice analogy but you're using a made-up concept. Your theories seem to owe more to Roddenberry than to Hawking or Einstein.

    If spirit beings,angels and demons really to exist this may be how they remain 'unseen'.They may have the ability to transcend into other dimensions.

    Again, you're using an idea for which there is no evidence to "explain" another idea for which there is no evidence. And you're abusing the word "dimension".

    Space/time 101: The "fabric" of time and space is like a deep spongy exercise mattress.Celestial objects like the Sun are big and heavy and put a BIG dent in the mattress.Anything that is near this dent or hole will want to flow "down" into the dent if it is nearby. Our Earth is captured by,and is always "falling" into the the Suns "dent".The ''dent" is gravitational attraction.Time and space are 'together', time and space is the thick spongy mattress,so this dent made by the heavy Sun will,"distort" this fabric in space/time by it's 'dent'. A really big "dent" is made by a theoretical 'black hole' so accordingly time and space will also be severely distorted by the black hole's dent. Using our big 3 dimensional thick spongy mattress as a substrate playing field for the entire solar system,with the Sun at the pitchers mound,and Pluto in the outfield.The outer planets will be least affected or 'reached' by the sun's dent of gravitational attraction.
    An adequate explanation of relativistic gravity. I don't see how it in any way supports your hypothesis though.
    Science fiction abounds with fantasy's of beating the limiting finite velocity of light by finding a way to bend or "warp" our spongy mattress by bending or "folding" it so that the the distance between celestial objects is shortened.Much like you would fold a 3 dimensional piece of paper in half.
    Science fiction has many such plot devices. Star Trek would be very boring if the Enterprise had to travel at sublight speeds.
    Note: the theory i expounded are disputed by prominent physicists
    And obscure physicists. And first-year physics students. And "armchair physicists". And Star Trek fans who realise it's just a show.
    there are some guys who say a black hole isn't even a hole at all.They don't know what is is or even if there is such a thing
    There are very few who say it is a hole. Those who do are wrong. A "black hole" is a singularity where gravity is so dense that nothing, even light, can escape. And pretty much everyone who matters knows what a black hole is and is certain they exist.
    Either there is a God/Heaven or there isn't... In order for a spirit realm of Angels to exist and respond to events like prayer supplications in real time they must have a way to 'beat the system'..
    Sure. Why not? This remains a question for the theologians though, and will do so until some evidence is discovered of any of these concepts that you've hypothesised.
  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    To above: funkyderex,thanks for the critique mate.

    Who knows?Blind They say 60% of the universe is composed of unknown "dark matter".

    Family Road Trip Danny sez:"I always buckle up cause it keeps the aliens from sucking me outta the car!" Alien

  • LittleToe


    The meaning of life is "" !

    "I AM"


    The Christian god becomes even less necessary if there is more than one universe,...

    And the absence of a LittleToe or FunkyDerek would not the race of humans cause to cease...

    ...although it could be argued that given enough universes, anything is possible. I don't think the universe we're in contains such an entity though.

    Wow, that's close to agnosticism...
    Maybe sitting you in the pub between myself and Sirona DID have an effect, beyond your rather voluble cry of "Oh God!!!"

    Glad to see you got home safe, pal

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