WhoWhere was F&DS class between 1st century and 1914?

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  • ozziepost
    So, if anybody in this modern age claimed to be the ?Faithful and Discreet Slave?

    If anybody claimed to be, then clearly they're not!

    On this whole dreary topic, the WTS has taken a parable and distorted its intent by claiming it's both prophetic and speaking of a class of people, neither of which is true. Jesus was simply speaking of the qualities of individual christians, no more, no less.

    Therfore who was the F&DS is out of bounds because it's based on the wrong premise. There was no F&DS class frrom the first centiry, or in 1914 or ever!

  • Justin

    There is no real definitive WT answer except the "wheat among the weeds." At one time, however, the Society subscribed to the theory that the seven churches of Revelation are prophetic types of seven ages in church history, from the first century to the Second Coming. While some of these churches (according to this theory) portray conditions in the "nominal" church rather than the true church, at least the seven angels (or messengers) of the churches would have to represent the true church during their own day and age. Starting with perhaps the apostle John himself as the first messenger, candidates would include people like Arius (for rejecting the Trinity), Peter Waldo (and the Waldneses during the "Dark Ages"), Luther (for starting the Reformation), and of course, the seventh messenger, C.T. Russell. This theory was held to in The Finished Mystery (published in 1917) but has since been abandoned which, in a way, is unfortunate because it leaves this whole area of true worship "between the times" as it were in limbo, with no substantial support.

  • Kenneson

    The question is would Arius, Wycliffe, the Waldenses, the Albigensians, Luther, etc. claim the Watchtower Society and not the other way around?

    In Jesus parables there is more than one faithful slave. See Matt. 25:20-23

  • RR

    Ken, these individuals were not considered to be the Faithful Slave class. These were considered to be the seven messengers to the Church in revelation 2 and 3. When Russell being the last messenger, the Laodicean messenger. This had nothing to do with the FDS class. The Society under Rutherford later dismissed the idea of messengers and created the FDS class.

    Although I remember one article years ago where they mentioned God's faithful servants in years past and there was a picture of Rutherford, Russell, Martin Luther ....


  • badboy

    Was Martin Luther a true Christian

  • Justin

    The reason why I bring up the "seven churches" theory is because the modern JWs have no good answer when asked for links with previous generations. The messengers, if such they were, were not the FDS, but the current official definition of the FDS is that it is the composite Christian congregation of anointed ones who feed each other along with (in modern times) the "other sheep." Of course, we all know that the FDS is just a front used to prop up the authority of Brooklyn, and it has been discussed many times in this forum that it has nothing to do with the average JW who may claim to be anointed. That being the case, the theory of the "messengers" at least pointed to historical personages who were thought to have had the truth in their own time.

    It's true, of course, that people such as the Waldenses would not identify themselves with JWs today. As far as Luther is concerned, the claim has been made that people who practiced the truth which was available in their own generation were God's servants at that time. They were living before the harvest. But now the light has supposedly gotten brighter, and today one must be in association with God's visible organization. This is the claim that is made.

    I believe there was once a quote given in this forum wherein the Society attempted to leave its readers with the impression that there was a faithful slave throughout the centuries that has been feeding the domestics in the same way that the Society claims to do today. That is nonsense. But at least we can realize that these questions have various facets, and the Society does not always express itself consistently in its own bests interests.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    So, if anybody in this modern age claimed to be the ?Faithful and Discreet Slave?, then, based solely on the existence or non-existence of written records, there would really be no way to prove?or disprove?their authenticity. (It would be kind of like being able to prove or disprove that last night you predicted the latest winning lottery numbers in a dream.)

    Stop! You're hurting JCanon's feelings!

    Country Girl

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