To My UK Friends & Then Some..

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  • bikerchic
    lol, looks like Bikerchic minced your words .

    LOL @'s a joke but I loved makin' mince-meat outa Valis.


  • Valis

    *LOL* eh sixie...wished we could of seen you at barbie, but I can see you whenever I want...I just clap my hands three times and start in w/the fricatives adn you show up...*LOL...hope you've had a good journey hoss...I know I have. BTW, more like Gullivers Travels...

    Si, it aint easy with so many people and I apologize if I got a bit OTT w/you, but it pains me to see people get cross with each other over things that to me are not as important as being good to each other as you all say, at the end of the day. BTW I think I now understand 70-85 % of everything gadget says!

    Kate, I hope you're keeping the home fires burning for know how it is when the barbarians go about the English countryside raping and pillaging...By the time I get back I'll be all shagged out after a long squawk...*LOL*

    Big is beautiful here...wished you were about, but please tell the phone wife I said hello and cheers from the Bad Mutha...shut yo mouth! land...

    Sirona...furry? moi?

    Oh my, I think that is prolly a very high compliment Golf...cheers mate! Hope all is well.


    District Overbeer

  • LittleToe
    BTW I think I now understand 70-85 % of everything gadget says!

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