Have you ever been asked by witnesses if you have the internet?

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  • JH

    Being inactive, not going to meetings, and having the internet is a nice combination.

    The last time I went to a meeting, a brother asked me if I had the internet... First of all, it was none of his buisiness, so I answered, "do you have it"? He said no.

    I know elders who do have the internet, so what, big deal... So, it's ok for elders to have the internet and not ok for non elders to have it?

    When any witness asks me if I have a computer or the internet, that seems to bug them alot knowing that I'm inactive and have the internet. I wonder why.

  • Bubbamar

    THat just sickens me. OF COURSE you have the internet. EVERYONE does -- except the third world. YES and I have running water too. idiot! Its so obvious that they have secrets to keep and are worried that you might discover the "truth" and spread it around. That's so unhealthy that they would ask that. As if the internet has no other use than to spread their precious JW "apostate lies." Maybe you use it for business purposes??? Maybe to check movie times??? Or to read your horoscope....Oops. Haha

    Control freaks.

  • TD

    My answer is usually, "Of course I do -- I couldn't do my job without the internet. I think that's true of most people anymore." Seems to shut them up.

  • blondie
    "Of course I do -- I couldn't do my job without the internet. I think that's true of most people anymore."

    TD, that is what I would say.

    I can remember when VCRs (Betamax too) and they were demonized and no "good" JW would admit to having one, but when the price when down, everyone had one, had 2 even, to watch the WTS videos, right?!

    Another question I use to counter nosy questions is "Why do you ask?"


  • GermanXJW

    I wrote some things on the German board and some of my family members were asked if _they_ had the Internet. :-)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    YES and I have running water too. idiot


  • blondie

    and flush toilets!

  • shamus

    Ask him which porn sites he enjoys... maybe you can exchange!

  • undercover

    I think how the Internet is viewed as a whole depends on the area you live in.

    Where I live, most everyone (JWs included) has Internet connections. Most of us have to use it for our jobs. Most elders and their families have Internet connections. It's how you use it that gets all the attention. Internet in itself can be a good thing. But, and there's always a but, it can have its drawbacks. Porn, anti-JW sites, violent games, etc, etc, etc. are what JWs keep getting warned about. It is so bitched about that many go the opposite direction and come up with the idea that to even have the Internet is bad.

    I think more rural, conservative areas may run into this type of thinking. Not just the Internet but many other things that the WTS is always going on about. I've visited rural area congregations and remember feeling really out of place, like I was too citified and liberal for the locals. On the other hand, I had visited big city congregations and was surprised at how loose and liberal those city JWs were.

  • micheal

    It reminds me when people used to ask, "do you have cable"? as if by asking this they want to know how important personal study and bible reading and leading a "simple life" is to you.

    And of course the only ones who ask these stupid questions are the ones who don't have these things. Thinking by not having them they are more "spiritual".

    I can't stand those stupid toilet fillers!!

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