Do your acquaintances know you?re a JW (or former witness)?

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  • senselessly sane
    senselessly sane

    I remember deliberately not telling people when I was growing up, and cringing when my mom made an effort to tell my teachers. Although I no longer hide it, there are still people I consider friends who do not know I grew up JW. Sometimes it?s just that the subject of religion does not come up often, and when it does, it would be weird to say something now after I?ve known someone for years and have never mentioned it. I?m not quite sure how to handle the awkwardness.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience?

  • kls

    No i don't tell people i was a jw ,it is to embarresing. But if i knew someone that was being recruited by this evil cult i would sure tell them to warn them.

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Nothing to be ashamed of really. I would have more shame telling somebody I had rattled through endless relationships, squandered £50k on drugs etc

    Having a set of religious beliefs and sticking to them is nothing to feel shame about IMO.

    I revealed all a few years ago to most of my friends and they were and are fine about it.

  • blondie

    If people ask, I discuss it briefly. But mostly, they don't ask. If you are celebrating birthdays and holidays, what would make you stand out? Lots of people don't smoke or swear who have never seen the inside of a KH. I don't go up to people and say, "what religion are you or what religion were you?" If they do ask, I say, "Why do you ask?" Then I know what to say and how much to say.


  • Evesapple

    I'm not ashamed to tell anyone, in the beginning I was a little, because I wanted to feel normal, and to deny it or pretend I never was one made feel normal. As you grow you realise it is no big deal, everyone has a past...other people may be just as aprhensive to tell their story as you are to tell yours. I don't bring it up w/acquaintances because it's not ususally a topic for conversation, w/close friends, yeah, they know a lot about me, and I know a lot about them as well. Don't feel that you need to tell everyone you are in contact with because it's not important, it's something you share with people you are close to, or if it happens to surface in's makes for great conversation too.

  • Larry

    When I first came out of the BORG, I told all my acquaintances. However, at this point I hardly volunteer that info, unless someone ask me or unless I see signs that the person is an Ex/Jdub - Oh, and of course if I'm out drinking :)

    Peace - LL

  • doogie

    i figure, am I personally that concerned about what religion people i meet used to be affiliated with? i really couldn't care less (unless it's bothering them or they have some problems because of it). "they" (whoever this "they" is...) probably also don't care what religion you used to be.

    my girlfriend's family didn't care what religion my family is until they realized that i was having difficulties in my life because of it. then they were nothing but concerned. in any case, they certainly were not judgmental when they found out (well, not judgmental of me anyway...). they clearly felt sympathy for what i am going through and they had some very well chosen words for some of the prctices the organization imposes upon the rank and file.

    in any case, how can you be embarrassed about being mentally and physically controlled and (some may argue) "brainwashed"? i guess it's similiar to feelings of guilt after being raped.

  • Sweetp0985

    I hate the fact that sometimes when I'm with my mom in public(very rare) but anyway for some unknown reason the discussion of religion always seems to come up and she tells people that I'm JW but not active right now and when I quickly tell them that no she's a JW I'm a Baptist she gets highly upset. I try and try to tell her to stop doing this but she insists. I guess in her mind once a JW always a JW...So very not true.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    When the topic shows up I let anyone know that my parents brought me up in the JW faith, but due to some disagreements with that faith I find myself in noman's land when it came to religion.

    Then, of course, there are the little digs other religious people try to give me since assume I may believe in stuff just like the Witnesses do. To that I've just responded that they'll have to inquire from a JW that is actually practicing their faith.

    Some co-worker tried to put me on the spot and asked me in front of all the others about why is it JWs do this or don't celebrate that. I just calmly told her that if she really needed to know, write down these inquiries and the next time she called on her door don't be so quick to dismiss them; to make sure they don't leave until they've given her all the answers. Other times I've just sarcastically said that I discuss religion and politics only in private settings and if they would be interested in a house visit I'll gladly send a faithful JW their way; of course, they turn it down really quick.


  • shamus

    I tell them. It is emberassing, but I don't like the fact that I have to hide my past. Remember, I wasn't brought up in it.

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