what does it matter how we live?

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  • boa
    Of course it matters how we live. But unfortunately a lot of people dont care about others which is pretty much what that passage says. Someone who does nothing but good all their lives making people happy and helping people gets the exact same end as a pedophile or suicide bomber. Whats the point? This really gets to me. Surely this isnt all there is to it, there has to be something that makes all the suffering worth while.

    It does matter how we live, but only because to do to others as you would have done to you makes your life happier, yet even if you do live this way, 'bad' things can happen in spades - real fair eh? Life isn't about it being fair, that is a myopic dream that armchair warriors sit back and fantasize about. The end is the same for all and its dreaming that it would be any different that leads to a real let down for people. Indeed, DO good for others, sacrifice your youth and life in the service of your fellowman but DON'T do it because you think you'll somehow get blessed or given the 'Prize'. Its saying and thinking that this 'can't be all there is to life' that leads to depression and dissappointment since there is no proof that anything else happens. Give me proof that there is something 'beyond' this life worth sacrificing time, energy, and money for, and I'll consider putting my signboard back on warning the world of impending doom. After hours I'll work in the soup kitchen too! boa....feeling a little nasty today...

  • Draconian

    I think Satanus has it right about Africa, but he neglected to mention the most glaring example: Rwanda. This country had it all: mild uplands climate though it be on the Equator, plentiful agricultural reserves, but their people still decided to set upon each other and kill a million, can't blame the evil Whitey there.

    In fact, the poorest countries in Africa have had the least amount of time as colonies: Somalia and Ethiopia. So facile claims that African countries have been "stripped" of resources won't work. Poverty of resources itself doesn't lead to immorality, otherwise the Japanese would be primitive tribesmen screwing each other over bits of silver and tin left in their mountains.

  • peacefulpete

    Ecclesiastes was written around the 2nd century BC by a Jew influenced by Far Eastern and Greek philosophy. His sentiments are very much like those of the Saduccees. He may well have been one. The message may appear despairing but it was intended to retrace the transformation of a disillusioned idealist to a worldly wise philosopher. His message ultimatly is that life is to be enjoyed for what it is rather than wishing it were something better. One of the better meassages in the Bible.

  • Paxil

    Because very simply, If we think of all humanity as essentially one living spirit, you can see that morality in the sense of treating others as you would desire to be treated and not hurting people and animals with words and actions is in itself displaying a love for god and oneself.

    If you are doing things which cause you regret and mental anguish, then your gut is telling you that you are walking away from god.

    Having and keeping "Faith" is what many have died for. It is a position of affirming god's existence and seperates the believers from those who would lead you to believe that god doesn't exist or that doing whatever you will, doesn't damage your faith.

    You must have a good understanding of right and wrong and trust your heart.

  • peacefulpete

    Paxil...I don't believe we've spoken yet so, welcome.

    I value anyone who has a keen sense of social accountability, even if I disagree with their reasons.

  • Satanus

    Oldhippie Bring out and start swinging the racist club at people who are tired of marxian guilt tactics. You and your fellow marxists, thabo mbeki (south africa)and robert mugabe (zimbabwe) would have a great time throwing back a few beers and discussing how to ethically cleanse those countries of white people. Since the overthrow of white rule in south africa, it has gone from one of the more stable and propserous african countries to one w the highest rape figures, as well as lots of other crime. Being a hippie and all, you no doubt remember the big push in the sixties and seventies to help zimbabwe. There was at least one song played popularly on the radio about this. So, help of all kinds was sent in. How did zimbabwe respond to western generosity? In a few short yrs marxist robert mugabe brought zimbabwe down from a food exporting country to one that has famine, shortages, and raging inflation. One of the main methods that he used to achieve this is forcefully disposessing the whites of their farms. So, who is destructive? Who are the builders? S

  • Paxil

    Thank you for the welcome sometimes my emotions are up and sometimes down, but Love the discussion :)

  • TheOldHippie

    Give hail to Satanus, he in fact firmly believes that wealth was pretty evenly distributed in South Africa and Rhodesia during the wonderful days of Ian Smith and Verwoort et al, and that the niggers were all happy and joyful back then.

    Kind of reminds me of what they used to say about Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany, that they brought stability to the poor nations wrecked by experiments in democracy, and that finally the trains would run on time, according to schedule.

    Well, Satanus, even if trains did run on time during The third reich, and even if the Whites did have a great time during apartheid - that is not the kind of society I long for. So I guess we'll meet in the trenches.

  • BrendaCloutier

    >> throw it out w yesterday's newspaper <<

    Please recycle. Or better yet, don't buy a paper and read someone elses, or go online!

    I agreee it does matter on how we live, even if we just die in the end. Personally, I agree with "fry-face's" comments. (I'm sorry, can't remember your handle) . Our interconnection to this earth, and in turn to the universe very real and extremely difficult to fathom.

    I prefer The Christ's 3 commandments:

    1) Love God (of our understanding)

    2) Love our neighbor as we

    3) Love ourselves.

    If we ever come close to these 3 simple (but not easy) commandments, I believe we will succeed in our lives beyond our wildest dreams.


  • peacefulpete

    BrendaClotier.......Actually Rabbi Akiba was famous for those exact words. The writers who attributed them to the NT Jesus appear to have been mistaken about the source.

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