Any Ex-JW Bible Believing Christians

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  • clash_city_rockers

    Any former X-Dubs out thier who have been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ?

    Any Bible believing Christians out thier either Reformed, Fundemental or Evangelical?

    cheers in the Lord,


  • new light
    new light

    I thought I was for a while but then the feeling went away. So, in a pure state of being, I went to my knees and, in the most humble manner possible, asked Jesus to "come into my heart". I told him that I accepted him as my savior and that from here on out I was dedicated to serving him. Nothing happened. "Maybe he's busy", I thought. So I tried again. And again. Jesus doesn't like me, I guess. If he wants to call me sometime, I'll talk.

  • ellderwho
    Any former X-Dubs out thier who have been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ?

    Yes! In a way I would have never thought. If I had it my way I would not be a believer at all.


  • RR


  • Athanasius

    Anglo-Catholic Christian believer.

  • Dawn

    Yep - believer here

  • Dawn

    elderwho - please tell more...interesting post

  • chappy

    Yes! and it's totally different that I ever would have ever expected. My mind was so warped about my Creator and his attributes (thanks to the WT) that I used to think I prefered eternal death over serving Him and living "His way". I also found out that God is far from being anything close to what is commonly know as a fundie. I also believe the Bible has a personal message for everyone; don't think every word is to be taken literally. A particular scripture may tell me something I want or need to know where as the next person may get something quite different. I've also found that researching what a particular scripture or word really meant orginally has opened my eyes. I sure all JW's are familiar with "The great and fear inspiring day of Jehovah". When it's read as it was meant; "The great and awe inspiring day of Jehovah", one walks away with a sense of wonderment as opposed to fear; at least I do.


  • anew

    Yes, very much so, yet not determined as to how.

  • Outaservice

    Although I do not have answers to all my questions, and a lot of my prayers are not answered yet, my faith in Jesus remains strong and I believe the Bible speaks to everyone of us as God reveals things through his Holy Spirit.

    Matthew 11 indicates that Holy Spirit is involved in the diciples asking the Lord to....'teach us to pray'! So, prayer for the Spirit will help in God hearing and answering prayer. A lot of my prayers have been answered, and that is why I have faith and believe.

    Outaservice (who still has a lot of fun in life)

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