Impregnated with Wrong Sperm

by simplesally 24 Replies latest social current

  • Elsewhere
    My goodness Elsewhere- it's her child.

    Yup, but it is not his... therefore she better not try to get him to support it.

  • RR

    Well, I know my kids are mine :)

    That's isn't as bad as the doctor who artificially inseminated over 30 women with his own sperm. Anyone remember that one?


  • Billygoat

    Elsewhere, if you or the woman you loved were told you couldn't have kids on your'd have a much more compassionate viewpoint.

  • rocky220

    lol @ running man.......WT would DF her for fornication....not married to her mate......She stands to make a lot of money, if only to use it in case the white donor should decide to sue her for custody of the child, what a mess....I'm very sad for this ladyrocky220

  • simplesally

    At the end of the day, the child needs to be loved. And it's her child, she needs to bond with this baby and not worry about the donor. If the fiance can't get with the program, she needs to leave his butt because her natural child will need positive love and no negativity about the source of his birth.

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