Strange Exodus - First Installment

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    I think you're right about the 'digesting'. Your first paragraph 'hooked' me, and I've never been a dub. I've had a few spiritual experiences in my lifetime and I have only shared one or two of them with a very close friend. When I was new on this board, I posted something of a spiritual nature that happened to me while driving late one night up in the mountains. I posted it only to help someone understand that there are some people who have had experiences, life isn't meaningless, we're part of a plan, etc. etc. Well, talk about ridicule...all of a sudden I was given the third degree and put on the defensive. I learned from that post that unless some people can relate by similar experiences they take it upon themselves to 'educate' you to 'reality' - "this is all there is, when you're dead you're dead...get over it". So, I reserve my experiences for myself.

    Thanks for sharing that, Double Edge....that's the same reason I've decided to post these installments here on JWD, even tho I know not many will respond for fear of ridicule from those who see themselves as "above" all this sort of hopes that my experiences along with the summary of the "whole enchillada" will enlighten those who've never dealt with these types of experiences to the fact that those who DO have them are on a very personal sojourn to learn something very important that they need to know in order to enable them to conduct and enjoy their lives much more successfully in the future......and in hopes that it will generate more understanding and tolerance by those on both sides of the equation.

    Frannie B

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