CURRENT CO?s refresher course studies ?REVELATION CLIMAX? book!.!.!.!

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  • RandomTask

    I could tell you about how the book is REALLY about some masturbating chick named Revelation, but that might be going too far...

  • Elsewhere
    Grand Climax

    Sounds like the name of a porn.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Considering it is a book about a call girl that

    *** re chap. 30 p. 207 "Babylon the Great Has Fallen!" ***

    by using the wiles of a prostitute, committing religious fornication with them. She has enticed political rulers into alliances and friendships with her.

    and then finally


    re chap. 33 p. 240 Judging the Infamous Harlot ***


    Harlot Rides a Beast

    It should be, or maybe one of those pay sites in denmark.

  • gitasatsangha
    and then finally


    re chap. 33 p. 240 Judging the Infamous Harlot ***


    Harlot Rides a Beast

    It should be, or maybe one of those pay sites in denmark.

    Scenes from Disney's Beauty And the Beast II: The Last Tango In Neverland

    "Get the butter, Belle"

    (I am going to hell for this, I suspect)

  • uriah

    The real problem with these 'refresher' courses is that they just churn over old material. One of the things that I used to ponder on during the meetings was the way that they would back up a statement by referring to a watchtower article. For example, something like '...after Russlles death the bretheren where wondering what to do. The answer came in a blinding flash of light in the 1st July 1925 Watchtower article entitled "This is what you do, now get on with it you dorks". The bretheren were moved to action....etc etc.' All the time their reference is to their own publications to 'prove' this or that they will just get more and more lost, because in the furtur times, those publications that have the references will become references in their own right (or wrong as the case may be). Picture the senario - 1st July 2076, "well brothers lets see what the july 15th 2004 WT has to say, ah we must check this 1919 WT too. Ah that proves it then, aluminium is Satans metal, germs don't exsist, x-rays are the work of the devil and the steam locomotive is the leviathan as spoken by jerimaiah, there that proves it." "Oh thank you brother knowall, what would we do with out you -fawn fawn, so we don't need to worry about the ebola pandemic any more, it was just satan misguiding the world before the end as we are deeeep very very deeeeeep into the end" So there you have it, that proves it and you can check that article in the 2076 WT CDROM when it becomes available.

  • Mary
    Also used were the Daniel book, the Question box from the Kingdom Ministry from 1972 till now, subjects from the Insight volumes and a lot of Watchtower articles.

    Be still my beating heart ......

  • Schizm

    The Revelation Climax book was released in 1988 (a full 16 years ago). In reading through it I got the distinct impression that it had been written by a single individual, rather than by a committee of persons. Mistakes were plentiful, and easy to recognize for a person that's paying attention to what he's reading and studying. Perhaps the Circuit Overseers are having many of the books errors called to their attention, and being told to expect a revision of the book shortly.


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