Do I Look Fat?

by simplesally 2 Replies latest social humour

  • simplesally

    Strategic answers to that age old question:

    "No, not to Stevie Wonder."

    "Does this tie make me look stupid?"
    "No hablo ingles."

    "Yes, but it also makes you look like a pricey hooker, so things kinda balance out."

    "If I answer that question, then the terrorists have won."

    "Okay, listen: What's important is that you not focus in a negative way on the comparison I am about to make."

    "Yes, but in my country obesity suggests prosperity."

    "Let me jog around to your front and take a look."

    "No, honey. But just to be safe, steer clear of one-legged sea captains."

    "Whoa! A talking couch!"

  • desib77
    "Let me jog around to your front and take a look."


  • czarofmischief

    I'm trying to imagine the disaster my house would resemble if I used any of those lines on the czarina... Rwanda? Kosovo? They have nothing on the hell that she would unleash... although those are hysterical enough that it mightb e worth it...


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