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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    thanks skally; you have to be one of the best researchers here. you allways come up with something good. it's amazing what you can find out about jehoover's loving org.. john

  • Elsewhere
    I was having dinner with a dubbie this weekend and she told me they all gathered on the Brooklyn Bridge in white robes, thinking they were going to "ascend to heaven."

    They did not ascend because they all lacked faith. The truly faithful would have jumped off the bridge at the stroke of midnight and would have been carried away in the bosom of Christ!

    Oh ye of little faith!

  • Justin

    So if there's any truth to this story at all, it would have occurred early in Russell's career and involved the disappointment over Barbour's dates - but not as late as 1914. The younger Russell (as well as Barbour) believed in what the fundamentalists still call "the rapture," or as they preferred to call it, the translation or "change" of the saints. The Lord had returned invisibly and the next event would be the deliverance of the church. When no visible event occurred, Russell claimed that it was invisible and would happen to each individual anointed one at their death (which is still the teaching today). It was expected that the remaining ones would all be killed in a final persecution, but I think it is possible that some may have still expected to be raptured contrary to the Pastor's teaching.

  • badboy

    What were the 15 subsequent prophecies he made?

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