Two witness rule! What about 17 witnesses?

by gladtobefree 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • gladtobefree

    Not Paroled. They would not release him on parole because he would not agree to treatment. He still proclaimed his innocence through the whole thing. However he has been released because his time has been served. I don't get it though. He was sentenced to two 10 year sentences, but the ran together and then he got time off for good behaviour and work done in prison! It is Horrible! Of course he behaved in prison, there where no little girls there.......

    I do have a copy of the circuit overseer letter. I will see if I can scan it later and post it.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    The testimony of youths may be considered; it is up to
    the elders to determine if the testimony has the ring of
    truth. The testimony of unbelievers may also be considered, but
    it must be carefully weighed. If there are two or three witnesses to the same kind of
    wrongdoing but each one is witness to a separate incident,
    their testimony can be considered. Such evidence may be used to establish guilt, but it is
    preferable to have two witnesses to the same occurrence
    of wrongdoing.

    Where is that quote? Is it in the "Pay Attention" book?

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