Malawi vs UN scandal and the #$&* hits the fan

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    Good point , bluesbrother. We cant blame the WTBTS for the actions of people who showed no respect or value for human life or ones right to freedom of conscience and choice . I agree that a government that would torture and rape people over such a thing is not worth the 25 cents to begin with . In the end what we have are people who passively fought for freedom , something that we here in the USA hold as the most important part of the law .

  • hooberus

    There are probably several ways to dialogue on the issue with active JWs.

    One way is to ask why it was necessary for the brothers to die for a mere polital card when the WT itself later engaged in a much higher form of political co-operation?

    However probably a better way to convict the WT leaders by there own words would be to show the 10-15 1976 WT to witnesses and ask them if those citizens who actually took the card took the mark of the beast (as the arcticle implies). Point out how (according to the arcticle) "insignificant" the act may have seemed. Watchtower 1976 10/15 632-6

    The "mark" of the beast would identify the one having it as belonging to that "wild beast," giving it full support. Ellicott's Bible Commentary notes that the mark 'surely means the acquiescence to the principals of this tyrannical world-power.'

    In modern times, the Christain body, known world wide as Jehovah's Witnesses, has experienced from the "wild beast" the same things as first-century Christians. Take the African county of Malawi, for example. There all citizens have been required to become members of the country's only existing political party, the "Malawi Congress Party." A membership card costing about twenty-five cents (U.S.) identifies the bearer as 'acquiescing to the principals of the ruling political party,' . . .

    As Jehovah's Witnesses they value their relationship to God and Christ above everything else. Were they to identify themselves as giving unquestioning support to any politcal arrangement, they would be acting contrary to the Bible's teaching that all human governmental systems exist by God's toleration only until such time as he chooses to replace them by his kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ. (Dan. 2:44; 7:13, 14) Jehovah's Witnesses have promised to give unqualified allegiance exclusively to God and Christ. Any act on their part that would indicate otherwise, therefore, would be an act of disloyalty. Such an act would be taking away from God and Christ their rightful due and would be worship fo the "wild beast."

    No matter how insignificant the act required may seem, a Christian's engaging in such worship would mean his being disloyal to God and Christ.

    Comments: In order to get the insignificant twenty-five cent Malawi poltical card an applicant would be 'acquiescing to the principals of the ruling polital party" they would be, by receiving this card be taking the mark of the beast, because in order to get the card they would have to indicate that they support and acquiescing to the principals of the political entity. Then ask how can the WT be exonerated since they later registered as an NGO and agreed to:

    a) The NGO must support and respect the principles of the Charter of the United Nations;

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    This has always pissed me off and this was one of the reasons i was "turned down" when i went over the questions for babtism the first time. These dudes were KILLED because they wouldn't buy a stupid card but back in the early 90's the state of new york was pondering a plan to make voting registration automatic when you got a drivers licence. The elders got up during a "local needs" part and said it would be ok to get this because it didn't require you to actually vote!!! what a bunch of crap so as long as your black and in a poor country you should die for your stupid beliefs but in this country we won't even take the bus for them... god i'm glad to be out of that organization!

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    Amac, It looks like that "friend" will blow the wistle on you. Though I've enjoyed giving you a hard time sometimes in the past, I sincerely hope your fading out of the borganization goes as smooth as can be.

    Donb't forget to share the UN's DPI web site about the WT with them:



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