Gentile Times - When did they end?

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  • JosephMalik


    The problem with using 70CE as the fulfillment is that you are mixing a symbolic figure in Daniel with a literal Jerusalem. And our Lord did not return at that time which is the most important part of this prophecy. Events only seemed to fit the text but the prophecy in Daniel ends when Daniel stands up and those asleep in the ground awake. Such use of Daniel's prophecy actually prevents any application to the Romans in their day and 70CE in particular.


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    You're doing pretty well! Welcome to the board. Where ya from?

    Greetings from downunder.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • gumby

    I wonder if you went to a christian forum that had no dubs or ex-dubs on the board.......if you would EVER encounter ones there who talked about dates and the time of Christs arrival.

    People here leave the dubs.....turn christian, and STILL concern themselves with DATES as if dates have a bearing on their faith.

    Ex-dub christians have a hard time of letting go of doctrinal issues and put more emphasis on it, rather than faith in Christ and the freedom they now have ( according to the bible that is. )...................bah.....gumbug!


  • Pole


    Where ya from?

    My screen name is at least as self-explanatory as yours....


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    Read your profile

    Great! I'm trying to convince a JW of what I consider his errors of interpretation. I have a special reason for this as we have both agreed that we cannot both be right in our understanding of the nature of Jesus Christ and of the truth of his Second Coming.

    As I believe that The Lord Jesus Christ has not yet set up His Kingdom (on earth by the way) I know that we may still have time to prepare ourselves for His coming - to be ready to meet Him and share in His Glory. If I have oportunity to help anyone as well in this endeavor I do so.

    Justin you know these problems from the inside, as it were, and have had the courage to think again.

    Thankyou for all your texts, above, hopefully we will have more from you as time goes on.

    See my post history then you will understand some of my subjects of conversation.


  • JosephMalik


    Are you associated with the Church of God Faith of Abraham?

    I am not familiar with all their views but on the Kingdom and our Lord's return to earth they seem to have it right. No one will go to a place called heaven that exists somewhere in the universe in a body that is not human. That never was God's plan for mankind. What our Lord demonstrated to us is that a human body can become immortal just like His sacrificial one.


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